Written Proof Is The Great Motivator

May 4

There is nothing like the proof of something that is written, especially when it has been written or recorded by your own hand. This is especially true when you keep a fitness journal to show your results in women’s fitness. A fitness journal is a great motivator to keep you focused on your goals. Perhaps that is why women who keep a journal of everything they eat and drink and all of their exercise and activities, have a greater chance of success in their fitness program than those women who do not.

Motivation is the key to sticking to a fitness program. It takes determination, hard work and commitment, but it requires constant motivation to keep you from giving up. Motivation is easier when the results are obvious. But many times, like in the case of fitness, the results of your efforts are not so obvious. That’s when you are most likely in jeorpardy of giving up on your fitness goals.

That’s why a written journal is so instrumental to your fitness success. Even small changes in your fitness level can motivate you to stick with your program. From just a few pounds lost to having the stamina to exercise an additional 15 to 30 minutes, these small steps can be compared day-by-day and keep you motivated to reach higher and higher.

When you start your fitness journal, be sure to write down your current weight and fitness level. As you move along in your fitness program you can read your entries from day one and measure your achievements. Without the journal, it would be hard to assess your fitness program clearly, because other than pounds lost, you wouldn’t necessarily know how many inches or how much stronger you have become.

Take charge of your own motivation and begin a fitness journal today. Once you see how much you can achieve, your motivation will soar.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. I definitely love using a fitness journal because it helps me to see my progress. I always think about how there was a time I couldn’t physically do many things and I now I love to push hard and achieve my goals.

  2. LaShanda Glover on 05/04/2011 at 8:35 am

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