When Exercise Becomes A Pain In The Back

August 23

It used to be, if you wanted fab abs, the formula was simple. Do a hundred sit ups and leg lifts. Only problem was that theory resulted in an aching back for some flat ab seekers.

Recent studies have found exercises that build the core muscles help to alleviate back pain and will even help to strengthen you back muscles. They tone the muscles without damaging the spinal disks which as ever so fragile. Plus, core exercises give you a lean, long, appearance like that of a dancer’s body.

There are 29 core muscles in the torso that provide a stable midsection, vital to all of your motions. The core muscles connect the actions between the lower and upper body, as nearly every action you take is transferred across the core muscles. That’s why it is so important that these muscles are strengthened, but done so wisely.

Your center of power lies in your core strength. The best core exercises maintain a neutral spine and most movements occur at the hip rather than the back. You will see quick results when you begin working out with Pilates’ specific exercises.

Another proven method for relieving back pain is fast walking using a vigorous arm swing. If you have back pain, begin by walking on a regular basis. Walking will actually strengthen your core. As you become stronger, step it up by slowly adding jogging, cycling, or elliptical training to your routine.

Seven Ways To Avoid Injury When Exercising:

1. Perform most core exercises on a solid surface.

2. Muscle endurance is more important than muscle strength; muscles must have good endurance before concentrating on core strength.

3. Avoid core training first thing in the morning. You must warm up your muscles, then stretch before putting too much stress on them.

4. When you first begin exercising, learn to handle your own weight resistance before adding any weights to your work out. Adding weights too soon can lead to injury.

5. Aerobic exercise is important for building core muscles and reducing fat, especially around the stomach area.

6. Engage your core muscles when lifting weights or performing total body workouts during exercise or sports to protect your spine.

7. Always use good form when exercising. Bad form causes muscle fatigue, which destabilizes the spine and can lead to injury.

Follow these tips to keep you safe when strengthening your core muscles. You’ll begin to feel the difference as your core becomes stronger. Your range of movement will improve drastically and it won’t be long before you see the visible differences. Fabulous abs, that make you look younger, sexier and better than ever.

Having back pain after exercise?  Tell us and our readers about it in the comment space below:

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. A stability ball is great for working on core muscles. Even just sitting on it to watch TV helps strengthen these muscles.

  2. Deb on 08/23/2010 at 1:13 pm
  3. I only had back pain when I was doing sit ups and coming up too far, then I learnt to replace them with crunches and leg raises. Now my abs are really coming on.

    When it comes to getting a great torso your diet is the most important thing

  4. Sue on 08/26/2010 at 7:15 am

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