When Exercise Become Easy

January 31

If you’re struggling to get through your women’s fitness workouts, it might interest you to know that exercise will become easier. So much easier, that as you become accustomed to the moves, you’ll actually begin to enjoy exercising. It’s true, exercise can become easy and lots of fun even for someone who has been sedentary for a while.

Once you make exercise a habit you’ll become hooked. But first you have to get started. Yep, you have to get up and get moving. You can’t just sit around thinking about how you need to exercise; worrying over it doesn’t qualify as a cardio workout. However, thinking about exercising does have its place when it comes to motivation. You’ve got to think it and believe in order to achieve it.

Once you make up your mind to exercise—give it a place of priority in your life. Create time each day to dedicate to fitness. Organize your time so that the 30 to 60 minutes that you’ll want to set aside for exercise will be easy to arrange. Remember, you are setting yourself up for a lifestyle of fitness.

If you are just starting your fitness program and have trouble exercising for even 30 minutes, you might need to increase your endurance. The easy way to do this is to start walking. It’s a great but simple aerobic workout that will burn calories and help to ease you into a life of fitness.

Start by stretching your muscles, then walk in one direction for 15 minutes. Be sure to wear a pedometer or watch so you can keep track of your time. Turn around and walk back to your starting point. Voila! You have accomplished walking for 30 minutes. Do this regularly, integrating it with strength training exercises like the ones found on my site. Of course, you must be a member to get access to the exercise routines.

As your endurance builds, you can mix up your activities with other aerobics that you like to do. Dancing, jogging, skating, swimming, or playing sports are all great examples of aerobic activities that will give you a cardio workout.

For the best women’s fitness program, I recommend exercising 6 days per week, alternating aerobics with strength training exercises. Both workouts complement each other by building strength, endurance and flexibility to minimize injuries and fatigue.

Like most things in life, the more you exercise the better you get at it and the easier it will become. If you’re ready to join in on all the fun of a healthy lifestyle, join Fitness4Her…now!

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. I totally agree. There becomes a point, you just get addicted to working out! The, you do go off and find new challenges! Thanks!

  2. Heather on 02/11/2011 at 12:29 pm

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