Using Affirmations To Bring About Success

November 4

Affirmations and gratitude changed my life. Affirming what I want and putting my words on paper helps me to focus on my goal. When I acknowledge all that I have to be thankful for, a feeling of peacefulness and satisfaction surround me.

The mind is our biggest catalyst for change. Positive thoughts bring about positive actions. Every good deed in this world began with an idea and a belief that a certain action was possible.

To affirm your beliefs, you need to organize your thoughts by writing them down. No matter how crazy or silly it sounds, this part of your affirmation is most important.
Be sure to include how you plan to implement your idea. This will set your mind in motion and give it permission to succeed.

Concentrate on everything good about yourself and those around you. Realize what a perfect creation you are. How totally capable you are of making your desired change.

Dismiss negative thoughts and use this time to heal old wounds. Replace the cold, dark corners of your mind with warm light of the love that abounds within you.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself credit for success. When you allow yourself to feel positive and focus on everything that you are instead of what you are not, a sense of gratitude and satisfaction will follow.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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