Time To Test Your True Strength

December 11

When your workout becomes old and stale, it’s time to test your true strength and ramp up your fitness program. Doing the same exercises at the same level every time you workout is not only boring to your mind, it’s also boring to your muscles. No longer a challenge, your muscles aren’t getting the same workout they were when the exercises were new. To get your muscles really working, you have to mix things up to confuse the muscles and break the cycle. This will result in a higher calorie and fat burn and better muscle definition.

Think about all the hard work that you have put into your healthy body. For this reason alone, you should continue with your program and begin to take it to another level. Start by increasing the amount of weight that you are lifting with every exercise. Always attempt to lift more than you think you can. Be careful not to strain your muscles or put too much stress on your joints.

Mix up your workout. One of the major reasons people lose motivation is because they become bored with their workout. Week after week doing the same set of exercises or routines can drive you batty. Best to mix up your routines and your aerobic activities too.

Remind yourself how great it felt when you first started exercising…the first time you made it through a few sets, after you walked your first 5k walk or run, when you fit into your favorite pair of jeans. Capture those feelings again with new challenges.

Consider taking up a social sport, such as tennis, cycling or volleyball. These activities fill significant needs by providing physical and mental challenges. You can meet new people, stay competitive and practice patience and persistence. The more you play the better your chances of improvement.

For solo activities, you can plan to walk or run an additional mile every other day. Do more sets and repetitions of every exercise. Perhaps even add weights to your workout or spend a longer time on the treadmill. Keep your workout exciting and challenging and it will be much more rewarding.

Stick to your resolutions by keeping a fitness journal. Not only does it motivate you to write down your weekly or daily goals, it’s always a great mood lifter to read some of your past entries that prove your success. My fitness workout always makes me so happy that I cannot wait to write about it in my journal. While others might find it boring if I tell them every accomplishment I make, my journal serves as my witness and shares my joy.

Take your workout to the next level and test your true strength in everything that you do. Eat healthy, stay active, be persistent, keep a written journal and expect results. Remember, each step you take, no matter how small, will bring you closer to your goal.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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