Thirty Days of Affirmations

January 22

Positive thinking brings positive results. I truly believe in the power of positive thinking and affirmations. In order to achieve weight loss and fitness you must believe that it is possible. Affirmations are positive phrases that you say aloud to affirm what you believe you can do. In order to break old habits and develop healthier ones, you must change your behavior and that begins with changing the way you think. Affirmations will help you to break those habits and bring about the changes you need for a healthier lifestyle. Believe it to achieve it!

I have created a list of affirmations to build confidence, give you energy, and help you to stay focused. You can say them in the order that works best for you or change the wording to suit your needs.

1. Today I am seeing the new, slimmer me in the mirror and I love that!
2. Being me is a blessing and a thrill. I am thankful I was created to be me!
3. Breathing in, I feel healthy. Breathing out, I am healthy.
4. Step by step and rep by rep, I am creating my ideal body!
5. Today I choose health and wellness over illness in my life.
6. I am fit! I am healthy! I am strong!
7. My life is what I make of it and today I choose to make it healthy place to be.
8. When I exercise, I feel great!
9. I am healthy in mind, body, and spirit!
10. My body is a marvelous machine and I love it!
11. Day by day, my body is transforming into the vision I have for it.
12. Today I am healthy, strong, and disease-free!
13. I am strong, vibrant, and healthy!
14. I am extremely thankful for my good health.
15. Today I am blessed by the beautiful and delicious food that brings me to good health!
16. I feel vibrant and energized.
17. Today I am shedding the pounds as I shred my self-doubt.
18. Day by day, I am losing the weight and my clothes fit better.
19. My heart is strong and healthy!
20. My lungs breathe clear and strong!
21. Day in and day out, I develop the habits of health!
22. My body is the very picture of health and vitality!
23. Today I am shedding pounds as I shred my self-doubt!
24. My body is a well-oiled machine ready to meet my every need!
25. I pay attention to the needs of my body. I feed it, exercise it, and love it!
26. Today I push my limits in the gym so that tomorrow I can push the limits in my life!
27. Today I am transforming my body into a calorie-burning machine.
28. My contributions to life measure my self-worth not the scale!
29. Happiness is an attitude not a number on a scale! I refuse to be defined by my weight!
30. Food is the answer to health. Food nourishes my body and gives me strength.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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