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March 31

In search of the perfect fitness journal, I’ve found many great examples along the way. There are journals that include pages for counting calories, sodium, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Some allow space for exercise while others are strictly diet oriented. I like to include my exercise and meals in the same book and preferably on the same page. There is so much to compare from one day to the other that I like it as simple as possible.
I prefer a cover that looks good, usually one that is colorful. Colorful covers are eye-catching and make it easy for me to find my journal. An appealing cover is like an invitation that beacons my creativity. I never throw away my journals, even after they are filled up. Each past journal is kept on my personal bookshelf so I can easily go back and read some of my prior entries. These historical memoirs provide a certain amount of inspiration and motivation combined with a bit of humor.

The other thing that I look for is the way the journal is bound. I prefer a nice comfortable spiral because of the ability to lay the book out flat so that it is easy to write in. If it has a spine it won’t lay as flat. When I say, a nice comfortable spiral, that means I don’t want any wires sticking out, no rough edges and if possible plastic covered so that it is comfortable in my hand.

Size is always important. I want a book that is big enough to comfortably write on but compact enough to fit in a purse or gym bag. I’ve found journals from pocket size to full-magazine size. If your journal stayed stationary, the bigger one would be nice for writing lots of notes.

I like to have pages dedicated to my weekly goals. I find that making new goals each week is the best way to stay focused. On these pages, I write down my weight and measurements and current size. My goals include any weight or inches that I want to lose. The entry may even include if I’m trying to drop a size and might be motivated by a new outfit. I’ll even write notes to myself about a particular event in my life that has prompted this reason to change my size.

My goal pages offer so much inspiration and motivation. This is where I take liberty of just dreaming and imagining what all is possible for me. I find that as I write down my hopes and beliefs, the words take on a whole new meaning. Released from the confines of my own mind, the ideas that I write emerge with a life of their own. No longer just a thought, these heartfelt words, written in my own hand, command me to perform better and achieve higher feats than I thought possible before.

For my perfect journal, the daily pages should have space for my meals with columns for the following contents: fat, carbohydrates and protein. Having the columns already in place gives me incentive to include these important numbers in my daily appraisal. I want ample space to record my activities and the amount of time that I spend exercising that day, too.

What I find helpful is to read over my prior week’s journal pages before I make my goals for the upcoming week. This helps me in many ways: First, it gives me a complete assessment of what’s going into my body and what’s going out. How much I’m eating versus the amount of calories expended through exercise. Second, it helps me to realize if I eat more due to the amount of physical activity that I’m doing. Am I hungrier now that I’m exercising? Are the foods I’m eating satisfying my appetite?

Another thing that I rely on my journal to tell me, is how much sleep I am getting from night to night. Sleep is crucial for rejuvenating the body, especially in women. We spend so much time tending to other’s needs that many times we deprive ourselves of much needed rest. I like to make a notation each morning regarding the amount and quality of sleep I got the night before.

Keeping my body hydrated is something I have to think about often. Because I exercise regularly, I need to drink water throughout the day. I fill my water bottle up several times a day, plus usually drink water or tea with my meals. Then I keep an account in my journal of what I consume, including the amount of water that I drink.

Water is vital to our lives. It helps to hydrate our bodies without adding any calories, fat or sugar. Drinking water helps with digestion and weight loss. It’s best to aim for at least eight glasses of water per day, but if you exercise and perspire a lot, you’ll probably need to drink more.

The perfect fitness journal…I’ve yet to find exactly what I am looking for, but I’ve come close to designing my own. The important thing is that I maintain a fitness journal and I believe whole-heartedly in the effectiveness of keeping a daily journal. It may seem like more work added to your already hectic day, but if anything, I hope my journaling posts have opened your mind to the very valuable part that a fitness journal plays in successfully transforming your life.

Let’s face it girl, if you are looking to change your size, get ready to transform your life. With a whole new look and attitude, you’ll find more has changed than just your dress size. There’s a new you on the horizon and all it takes is 30 minutes a day, once you start working towards your goal, you’ll be eager to record your results. Begin today, making a difference in your life, write your own success story in a fitness journal that is perfect for you.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. Hey Karen,

    The book I use is awesome. It’s only 6″x6″ and comes with a little pen that hooks onto the spiral binding so that you can easily jot down your stats throughout the day. The beginning includes simple instructions and tips as well as a place to put your body measurements, including weight and body fat %. Each book is meant to be used as a 12-week program so that you can set goals for yourself which will hopefully be accomplished at the end of 12 weeks. At the beginning of each week you plan out your workout and goals for that week then each day includes places to fill out your specific weight training, cardio, and nutrition. Soooo easy to use and easy to flip back to previous days and weeks to compare. It’s called Fitbook by Fitlosophy. You can purchase it off of the ActiveWrap site, Let me know if you find anything better. What are you using currently to log your workouts?

  2. Jenni on 04/04/2010 at 8:10 pm

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