Take Your Fitness Program To The Next Level With Daily Affirmations

September 27

Affirmations are great when you are starting a diet or fitness program. But what about the athlete who wants to take their fitness to the next level? Does it help to repeat affirmations when you are trying to increase the intensity or level of fitness?

I always say affirmations each day, but I use them wisely. I don’t just repeat phrases aimlessly. I truly believe in the power of my words and the impact that this self-talk has upon my mind. That’s why I think about my affirmations for a long time before I repeat them aloud. By taking these stance, the words that I repeat to myself have true meaning for my life.

My schedule is very busy. Like many women, I divide my time between family, home, work, friends and community. My passion is helping other women reach their fitness goals and sometimes I get so busy helping others that I neglect the challenges I have set for myself. That’s when my daily affirmations really help me to stay on track.

By making time each morning for my affirmations, I present my brain with the challenge of increasing my workout intensity, prolonging the amount of time I spend exercising or giving myself a goal so that I am always reaching upward when it comes to taking my fitness program to the next level.

I will exercise 10 minutes longer today.
I will run for 2 minutes after every 5 minutes on the treadmill.
I will add an extra pound of weights for each side.
I will do two exercises that engage my core.
I will incorporate circuit training into my workout.

The five affirmations above when repeated several times will do amazing things for your will power. You will start to focus on your goals and will believe that these challenges are entirely possible. Feed your mind with positive affirmations and take your fitness program to the next level.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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