Staying Motivated With Inspirational Messages

April 16

Sticking to a diet and fitness program is not always easy. With all the temptations to over eat and be lazy, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated. Once you give into these obstacles, the harder it is to get back on track. You may have forgotten what inspired you to get started in the first place.

I find that daily affirmations, goal setting, journaling and daily inspirational messages help me to stay vigilant about my health. Fitness is fun and is so good for your health that it is important to do everything you can to ensure you set aside enough time for this vital part of healthy living.

1. Love your body and show it respect by eating healthy foods, exercising, resting, reducing stress and feeding it positive, loving thoughts.

2. Walk with confidence and be at peace. Shun negative thoughts, walk as if you are meant to be wherever you are.

3. Hold your head high so you can see how fast you are moving towards your goals.

4. It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you continue towards your goal.

5. Only you can call it quits.

6. Get up and move..

7. Be persistent, it always helps to get what you want.

8. Bust the belly fat with healthy foods and exercise.

9. The beach, the sun in your face, the feeling of confidence in your swimsuit—only you can make it a reality.

10. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

11. You’ll never get the butt you want by sitting on it. A good thought for those women who sit at a desk all day. Get up and shake that bootie, girl.

12. Today is another chance to make a difference.

13. Train your brain and you can do anything.

14. Think to shrink, and whittle your waist. Convince your mind and your body will follow.

15. Today it hurts, tomorrow it works. A little discomfort means the muscles are being challenged. It may hurt in the beginning but it’s a lot stronger tomorrow.

16. Invest in your health for a lifetime of benefits.

17. No one ever said they regretted a great workout.

18. It doesn’t get easier, you just get better.

19. Don’t fall victim to foods that leave you with the taste of regret.

20. Think it, believe it and you will achieve it.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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