Stay Motivated By Looking Good

August 20

If you are looking for a way to stay motivated to exercise, some new workout clothes might just put the groove back in your move. A new sports bra, new shorts, a pretty new top or some great new shoes, are all smart purchases that you can reward yourself with. These are smart buys because you need extra clothes, especially when you work out six days a week and by the way, it is always smart to have at least two pair of tennis shoes, if you run you may want a pair of shoes that are specifically for running.

There are so many great styles to chose from and a number of places to buy fitness clothes. Shop around and find the best fit for your figure and that will allow your body to move with ease. Try not to buy something just because it’s inexpensive, it may not offer the flexibility of other clothes. On the same note, don’t assume just because it costs a pretty penny that it will be functional for your activities. It’s best to try all of your clothes on before purchasing.

When selecting shoes, be sure to wear the thickest socks that you ever wear. Walk around the shoe area, run a little bit, don’t make any hasty decisions when buying shoes. Exercise can become quite un-motivating if your feet are aching because your shoes don’t fit well.

Gym bags are a smart accessory that you can purchase to reward yourself for sticking to your exercise program. Old gym bags can harbor bacteria, so a new gym bag is an item that you need to replace occasionally. Find one that is functional but attractive to you. A new gym bag can be just what you need to put a smile on your face when you are headed out to exercise.

Sometimes just shopping at a sports and fitness store can get you in the mood for exercise. All of the merchandise is fitness related and can provide a nice little boost in your motivation. Reward yourself, look good and stay motivated.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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