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June 28

There is something very sexy about a woman who cares for her body. It’s true for men, too. Perhaps, it’s because pampered, physically fit bodies represent health and beauty and that’s very sexy, indeed.{+}

Not only are we drawn sexually to bodies that resemble health, our libido increases the healthier and more physically fit we are. Becoming more attuned to your body and its movements actually heightens the senses and the ability to feel more sensations during sexual activity.

If I may be so bold, I believe every woman should have sex every day.

When I tell all my clients this, they look at me like I am crazy! But let me tell you how great they look and feel from taking my advice. Sex and exercise motivate each other. Trust me, sex is the fountain of youth.

You and your partner will become stronger physically and emotionally. I believe that sex is one of God’s greatest gifts.

Listen, I’ve had women tell me that they would rather have a tooth pulled than have sex with their partner. I’ve heard women say that they work too hard, come home and cook and take care of the kids and that should be good enough.

Ladies, this is not a good thing. If working and cooking and taking care of the kids are getting you down, then think about outsourcing some of those tasks. For instance, one night each week, go out for dinner, or pick up something already prepared. Hire a maid to clean your home and trade babysitting favors with a family member, friend or neighbor. My point is this, someone else can handle any one of these tasks – it is not necessary for the health of your marriage that you cook dinner every night!

Sex with your partner is the only thing that you cannot outsource to others, not for a healthy relationship, anyway. So if you are feeling overworked, let your significant other know you’d have more energy to devote to love-making if you just had help with some of your chores.

What is it about your guy that has always made you sigh? Is it his eyes, his hair or the way he smiles? Maybe it’s the way he whispers your name or how he senses your dilemma and says the right thing. Focus on the wonderful things about your mate that brought you together.

When it comes to having sex with your partner, live in the present, don’t allow yourself to drum up old differences and mistakes of the past. Learn to forgive and forget, for the sake of your marriage. Your sexual experience will be much more enjoyable when you allow yourself to truly love yourself and your partner.

Staying physically fit and eating a balanced diet are also ways to show love for yourself. Perhaps that’s why healthy bodies are sexy bodies. Plus, the more satisfied a girl is with the way she looks, the more comfortable she is when she is naked.

A woman of any size can be happy or she can be displeased with her naked body. However, most women, after they begin exercising become more satisfied by the way their body looks in the nude. Belly pooch transformed to six-pack abs and toned muscles taking the place of flabby thighs can make us downright ecstatic.

Exercise not only helps to improve the appearance of the body it also provides increased flexibility, strength and stamina. With a stronger and more flexible body, you’ll have more control over your pleasure. Plus, with increased stamina, you’ll have the energy that might stimulate the desire.

Pilates specific exercises help to strengthen the pelvic muscles for a more enhanced orgasm. Many of my exercises are Pilates specific.

To liven up your exercise routine and possibly your love life, think about adding dancing to your workout. Salsa dancing, belly dancing, swing dancing and even ballroom dancing provide great exercise and can make women feel sexier. Ladies, moving your body to the beat of music has long been a socially acceptable mating ritual.

Costumes are great fun and can be a real turn-on for both men and women. There is something magical that happens when you don a disguise. Inhibitions fall away and we assume a new identity for the moment. Whether it be a wig, a sexy nightie, or a complete French Maid costume, play make believe sometimes for a real thrill.

Sex can be a lot of fun if you let it, plus, it’s a great way to alleviate stress. So why do women deny themselves this pleasure—specifically the ladies who have a regular partner?

Maybe because like exercise, sex is a physical activity that we just can’t find time to get around to doing. Even women who report feeling great during and after sex, procrastinate when it comes to having sex.

Like exercise, sex provides many health benefits. I’ve listed a few, but I’m sure there are more.

• Boosts the immune system as it increases antibodies
• Relieves pain by increasing the release of endorphins
• Increases the sense of smell, orgasms cause the brain to grow neurons in the olfactory bulb
• Improves blood circulation
• Promotes sleep
• Burns calories—up to 200 per session

A healthy sex life will add years of pleasure to your life and that of your partner’s. Take advantage of this beneficial gift that is so easy to give and receive.

Remember practice makes perfect. Indulge yourself anytime you get the chance. Every woman wants to feel close, confident and sexy to her partner.

Sex, today and every day. You’ll love the way you feel.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. Love it! This is totally right and women underestimate the benefits of a healthy sex life!!

    Thanks for this article 😉

  2. melissjenks on 04/08/2011 at 8:14 pm

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