Say Something Nice or Nothing At All

April 2

Anytime I find myself thinking negative thoughts about friends, family or acquaintances, I try to shift those feelings by replacing these negative thoughts with positive ones. It’s very much like the philosophy of saying something nice or nothing at all. When I feel agitated with someone whom I know, I begin to think about all the wonderful things I like about that person. It clears my mind, lowers my heartbeat and relaxes me. Saying or thinking something nice has a better effect on me than spending time being angry.

The same proves true in the way that I talk to myself. The thoughts that I harbor, the words that I focus my energy on are translated into a positive energy force that I use to guide my life. I fill my head with positive affirmations and repeat these everyday.
In order to appreciate the contributions of others, I must first recognize my own.

Saying something nice goes a long way. It builds relationships, improves self-esteem, and makes a great introduction. Every time I say something nice, I feel better. This is especially true when I say something nice to myself. I do this regularly with daily affirmations. It is a wonderful way to start every day.

I have listed my top 10 favorite affirmations for everything from fitness to sex:

1. I feel beautiful.

2. I love my family.

3. My clothes look amazing on my body.

4. I feel a tremendous love from my husband.

5. I want to make love to my husband every day.

6. Eating healthy makes me feel good.

7. Exercising makes my body feel flexible.

8. Adding weights to my workout is making me stronger.

9. My real friends support my fitness goals.

10. I am healthy for my family, my friends and myself.

These are just a spoonful of the positive affirmations that I use to guide my day. I truly believe that positive thinking is the foundation of a happy and meaningful life. If not for positive thinking, if not for people believing, then I am convinced that not much would get done.

Say something nice to someone you know and you will make him or her and yourself feel better. Say something nice to yourself and begin each day in a positive way.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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