Reduce Dietary Fat, Particularly Unhealthy Saturated Fat

September 23

Use minimal amounts of oil and oily foods. Minimize or avoid entirely fried foods, red meat, creams, fatty salad dressings, cheese, and high fat desserts like ice cream.

Squeeze a lemon over a salad, instead of drenching it in a fatty ranch-type dressing. Have you ever read the calorie count on the back of a jar of ranch dressing? It’s hard to stick with the suggested serving of a couple of teaspoons or tablespoon. Then when you try and figure the number of calories you just added to your salad, it pretty much defeats any attempt at a low fat and low calorie choice. Lemon on the other hand, adds a zesty flavor to your salad, moistens it without making it too salty and helps your body to digest better.

If you must indulge yourself with an ice cream, choose a low-fat variety or even a soy-based ice cream, these are low in fat and often devoid of saturated fat. Ice cream is one of those desserts that most everyone likes but hardly anyone can indulge in on a regular basis without some side effects like obesity or high cholesterol.

Eat cheese sparingly, and choose low-fat varieties For just about every kind of cheese, there is a low-fat choice. Eaten with an apple, these low-fat types can be quite tasty. If you like pizza, try a cheeseless pizza for a change.

As you age, your body changes and foods that you once could eat without any penalty seem to turn on you as you grow older. The wonderful thing is that as our bodies change, or tastes change, too. You might notice that fast food types taste greasier, sugary foods taste too sweet and bitter vegetables become down right delicious.

Keep trying new foods, test different recipes. Don’t worry, if you don’t like something, no one will make you clean your plate. Be innovative with your food, eat healthy and live life to its fullest.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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