Nine Tips to Fitness Journal Success

February 21

Staying motivated to stick to your fitness plan can be challenging. With every success it seems there is also a challenge. All too often we focus on the challenges and overlook our successes. This can quickly lead to disappointment and ultimately giving up on our fitness plan. One simple way to stick to your goals is using a fitness journal.
I have seen so many people reach their goals by keeping a fitness journal. It is the magic potion for success when it comes to losing weight. I advocate keeping the journal for the first 90 days of your fitness program and then measure your success.

It only takes a little time each day to keep it up. Keep it in a convenient place so you can grab it up at anytime. You’ll need to write down all of your meals, your beverages and your exercise for each day. Plus if you count calories, carbs, protein or you’re watching your cholesterol, you can use your journal to monitor those.

Here are a few tips that will help make your fitness journal successful:

  • Do set realistic goals. When using a fitness journal it is important that you keep your goals realistic. Do you want to lose 20 pounds before bathing suit season? Great!  However, this isn’t an ideal goal for your fitness journal. A more appropriate goal would be one that can be quickly reached, such as losing 2 pounds this week.
  • Do stay positive. Maybe you slipped up this week or maybe you don’t feel that you are reaching your goals quickly enough. This happens. Resist the temptation to get frustrated. Remember that every small step is a success and focus on these.
  • Do keep track of your activity and diet. This is a critical step in fitness journaling. Be sure to keep track of all activity and food!
  • Do look at your fitness journal. It is important to review what you have written at least once a week. Take the time to go back and look at what you have accomplished. Look for patterns and you will be surprised by how much you learn!
  • Do not cheat. So you slipped up and had a piece of cake at the office party. Parties happen! Just be sure to record this just like you would anything else. 
  • Do not punish yourself. There will be many times when you do not meet your goals. Punishing yourself will not only result in frustration but can also lead to the long term failure of your fitness journal and plan.
  • Do make your fitness journal fun. Make an effort to have fun with your journal. Little things like a favorite color or picture can spice up your journal.  Remember, this journal is for you so feel free to personalize it and keep it fun!
  • Do reward yourself. Reward yourself for accomplishes small and large.  This is the key to your success. Small successes deserve small rewards and so on.  However, be careful not to use food as a reward so you do not sabotage your diet in the process.
  • Do live your life! Fitness journal or no fitness journal, life goes on. If you find yourself limiting too many activities as a result of your fitness plan you will not succeed.

By following these simple tips you can stick to your plan and use your fitness journal with success. And that’s what a fitness journal is all about.

Food is an important part of our lives and shouldn’t be consumed with guilty feelings. By writing in your journal, when you feel tempted by foods that you are trying to avoid, you will help to fortify your resistance and not fall prey to those empty calories.

You might be wondering how a journal can do all of that. Well, it’s because the journal is an extension of your self-conscious. That is, if you are truthful and dedicated to writing in it daily. No one else has to ever have access to your journal, so feel free to express yourself. By writing these things in your journal, you might find that the next time you are tempted by foods that you are trying to avoid, it becomes easier to resist them.

Journaling works for just about any goals in your life. When you write your goals down on paper, you allow your mind to focus on that task. It works so much better than trying to keep all those wishes, dreams, goals, and fears all bottled up in your head.

Once out of your head and down on paper so that you can view them, they become much more realistic and attainable. You are able to clearly focus on your goal. But it is important that you write in your journal every day. That is how you achieve the most success from journaling.

It’s easy to get started. You can buy a nice professional journal or use a notebook. I do encourage you to keep a book that is solely dedicated to journaling, though. Don’t use the same book that you figure this month’s bills. Organize it so that it becomes a useful tool for you.

That is what the journal is for your fitness endeavor. It is a tool that has been proven time after time to have a significant and positive effect on your weight loss program. It’s only because I want so badly for you to succeed that I emphasize journaling to such a strong extent.

You see, I have seen so many ladies achieve their goals because through journaling they were able to discover the behaviors that were keeping them from successful weight loss. And the great thing was, they did it themselves! By being focused and drawing on their will power; they journaled their way to slim figures and healthy lifestyles.

What about you? Aren’t you ready to join the ranks of other ladies who have achieved their fitness goals. Then get your self a journal and make plans to get in shape.

If you’re already an avid journalist, share your tips with us below!

~ Karen Ficarelli

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