Need Motivation? Join the Team!

January 22

If you are having trouble getting motivated to start exercising, think about joining a team. This may sound far fetched, but just hear me out. Remember when you were a kid, and played on a team whether it was an organized or a pick up game, camaraderie with other players usually brings out the best in our athletic abilities.

Many past athletes find that as time goes by they’re not as active as they once were. It could be they are just bored with exercise that does not involve a sport. If this describes you, check out the adult sports teams at your local athletic association or private clubs. Tennis, softball, soccer and volleyball are all terrific teams that compete throughout the year.

All of these sports provide excellent cardiovascular benefits, but of course you will want to check with your physician to make sure you are healthy enough to begin a strenuous sport or exercise.

Playing sports is not only fun—it also brings responsibilities that require your dedication and commitment. That’s now it cures the problem with motivation. You want to do it because it’s enjoyable and you feel responsible to do it because of your team members.

That’s right, you owe your team members your very best. After all, that’s the price for the privilege of being a part of a team. The other players depend on you to do your part. They expect you to be on time and be ready to win. There’s no place for excuses when you are one of the chosen few—a part of the team.

To stay in shape and reduce the threat of injuries when playing sports, you need to stretch every day. Flexible muscles help us to move with fluidity, a necessary part of your arsenal when playing to win.

Make resistance training a part of your workout to build muscle and strengthen your body. This too, helps to prevent injuries to your joints and bones. Strong, flexible muscles protect your joints from the stress and strain that is involved in playing sports.

When you take part in the Fitness4Her Diet and Exercise program, you can use the strength training exercises to prepare your body for top-notch performance that any team would be proud of.

Fall and winter are great months for playing outdoor sports, but there are plenty of indoor sports that can be enjoyed year around. The important thing is that you get busy with a fitness program of your choice and don’t delay. Your health is important—it could be a matter of life or death.

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  1. Great article! Working out in a team brings up the best in you because you don’t want to let your team down. You’ll run faster, hit harder, and go deeper than you ever will on your own.

    Keep up the good work fitness4her

  2. on 03/12/2010 at 5:26 am

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