Motivating The Seasoned Athlete

July 3

Have you been exercising regularly for years? Do you consider yourself a seasoned athlete? Do you regularly increase your workout intensity to improve your results? If your answer is “No” is it because of a dip in your motivation?

Recognizing that you lack the motivation necessary to take your workout to a new level is the first step to recovery. If you’ve come this far, why have you become comfortable at your current stage? Why aren’t you reaching for the next horizon that will take you closer to your goal?

Much is discussed about beginning an exercise program but where is the support for those who have been working out for a while? To keep your program from becoming stagnated you need to mix things up a little. Try circuit training or a mixture of strength training and aerobic activity.

Perfect your balance and smooth out your moves so that they possess a fluidity and aren’t sudden or jerky. Be mindful at all times of your core muscles. This will give you a nice workout too.

Think about all the hard work that you have put into your healthy body. Rejoice in the wonderful way that you feel because you exercise and care for yourself. For this reason alone, you should continue with your program and begin to take it to another level.

Remind yourself how great it felt when you first started exercising…the first time you made it through a few sets, after you walked your first 5k walk or run, when you fit into your favorite pair of jeans. Emulate those feelings with new challenges.

Maybe you’ll plan to walk/run an additional mile every other day. Perhaps you’ll add weights to your workout or spend a longer time on the treadmill. Keep your workout exciting and challenging and it will be much more rewarding.

The Fitness4Her® Diet and Fitness program will work for young, old, newbies or seasoned athletes. With challenging exercises for beginners to intermediates. You can take it to the next level with Fitness4Her and push it to the limit.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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