Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Do I Believe My Affirmations After All?

February 6

When you say your affirmations, do you stand in front of a mirror? Standing in front of a mirror and looking deep into your own eyes, you come face to face with yourself and connect with your subconscious and allow the power of your affirmations to take effect.

Affirmations are defined as positive or even negative statements that you say repeatedly to yourself. Stated with conviction, whether true or false these affirmations can become seated in our mind and become a reality in our lives. The mind can become convinced of anything that it is told over and over. Once set on a path, it develops habits to accomplish the mission it has been assigned. That mission can be a positive one, like losing weight through diet and exercise or it can be a negative one, like a self-destructive behavior.

The brain’s laziness can work to your advantage when you want to make lifestyle changes like losing weight. You can train it easily, by repeating commands and affirmations that will help make your diet and exercise plan a success. By making a plan, you are clearly on your way to losing weight. You can make it happen with a positive attitude and some hard work.

Stand in front of a mirror and look deep into your own eyes. You are a magnificent person, worthy of love and understanding. You can accomplish what you set out to do. You are strong and confident. Make these affirmations to yourself and repeat them over and over. Crush the ill effects that any negative thoughts or condemning words have had in your life. Shake off the negativity and flood your mind with positive thoughts and words.

Affirmations for losing weight might go something like this:
• I am getting thinner.
• My clothes are fitting better.
• I look better naked.
• My waist is getting smaller.
• My knees are prettier.
• My ankles are thinner.
• My neck looks long and sexy.
• My six pack is showing.
• My tummy is getting flatter.
• I look beautiful. I look long and lean.
• I feel confident and alive.
• I am loved.
• I can get through this.

Success comes to those who claim it and it is yours to grab. Losing weight is not easy, finding time to exercise isn’t easy, but making your body healthier, strong and beautiful are rewards that are worth the hard work. Affirmations help to make the connection between mind, body and soul, essential for total fitness and a healthy life.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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