Maintain Your Motivation with Affirmations

May 10

Is there fire in your fitness program? Do you burn with desire to workout every day? If not, what’s happened to the drive that you had in the beginning? Learn to maintain your motivation by saying affirmations. An affirmation is a solemn and positive declaration that you tell yourself to create a change in the way you feel and think.

Here are some of the most common affirmations:
“I am going to be who I choose to be.”
“I love and accept myself for who I am.”
“Exercise makes me healthy in body and spirit.”
“I become better in each day in every way.”
“I love how exercise makes me feel.”
“Exercise makes my clothes fit better.”
“I am stronger because I exercise.”
“Today I will exercise for 15 additional minutes.”

Now, to enjoy the effects of affirmations in our lives, it is good to know the right way to do the affirmations. Here are some of the helpful guidelines:

1. Come up with an affirmation that you feel comfortable saying. You can use the affirmations above or find one that works for your specific needs. If you like, you can write your own affirmation. All you have to do is make it powerful and convincing when you say the message to yourself. You must believe it is possible.

2. State it in the present tense. Affirmations are most effective when said in the present since they imply an event or task in the present. The present convinces you more than the future tense that is still to take place.

3. Choose positive words of encouragement. Refrain from using the words “no” or “not” in your sentences since they indicate the things that you have to remove. Focus more on the things that you want rather than what you fear happening.

5. Repetition is essential to making affirmations work. Your affirmation is a mantra that you will have to keep telling yourself so your subconscious is convinced that this is something that you want to change.

6. Put your heart into it. You have to have more feeling when you say your affirmations. You should not be just reciting something without feeling. Be passionate as you say the words to yourself and take the meaning to your heart so you won’t forget.

7. Believe and persevere. Belief in the affirmations is something that may not come right away. Continue to repeat it believing that you can bring about this improvement in your life.

Affirmations can work for every aspect of your life. Your affirmations don’t just have to entail your fitness goals; positive affirmations train your brain to bring about the changes that you want. Whether it be fitness, family, financial or business related, affirmations will work to help you succeed.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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