Love Letters To My Soul

February 12

Self-love is a good love and nothing you should feel guilty about. Be thankful for your life and everything that you are. You are enough, just the way you are. Remind yourself of that everyday by keeping a fitness journal—it is like writing love letters to your soul.

If you write words of praise and gratitude to all that you have achieved, you will feel uplifted and capable of success. A feeling of calmness will come over you once you realize what a magnificent creature you really are. One of the big things you might notice when you write positively to yourself is the way that you embrace life and accept all of its challenges.

Give your day a power punch by beginning with positive affirmations. Remind yourself of all that you have to be thankful for. Write all of these things down and read them back to yourself. Take time for some peaceful meditation, allowing your appreciation for life to fill your spirit with love and gratitude.

Dismiss negative thoughts and don’t allow them to rule your actions. Make your self-talk an affirmation of love and appreciation. I guarantee you that if you start each day this way, you will feel less stressful and you will have a better self-image, instead of punishing yourself with negative words and feelings.

The journal is your success story. It is your own account of your days, weeks and months. It is your book of personal letters to yourself. Your place to record your strengths and weaknesses, your confidential reminder of where you started and what your goals are for the future. A fitness journal works the same way and is an excellent journal to celebrate the love you have for your body, mind and spirit.

Whatever your fitness level, I urge you to begin keeping a journal. Experienced athletes will find the journal an especially helpful tool as you take your workouts to the next level. By faithfully keeping your journal you will learn much about what and how much you consume each day, so be sure to write down everything that you eat and drink for a full assessment of your eating habits.

There’s something powerful about challenging yourself by practicing goal setting. When you follow up that challenge with the accountability of a journal you further your chance for success. As I have mentioned before, it has been proven time and again, that people who keep a journal of everything they eat and drink and all of their daily activities have a far greater chance of success than those who do not.

So, don’t wait another minute. Get a fitness journal and begin setting your goals for a slimmer, trimmer, stronger and more confident you. Write love letters to celebrate your life and to inspire and motivate you to the next level for a fit and healthy body. It’s your account of your hard work and your success. It’s a celebration of who you are.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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