Lose Weight And Get In Shape With Positive Words Of Praise

December 6

When is the last time you said something wonderful about yourself or even had positive thoughts about something that you have done? If you are having trouble remembering the last time you said or even thought nice things about yourself, then it’s time for some positive words of praise.

We tend to stand in awe of sights such as the ocean, mountains or valleys but of all God’s creations, humans are the most spectacular. Our mental and spiritual strengths cannot be matched. We are truly impressive creatures.

Gifted with the ability to speak, we sometimes forget just how powerful our words can be. We can hurt those that we love with the sharp edged sword that is known as our tongue, crushing egos, wielding painful accusations, or spreading damaging gossip that can forever end a relationship.

In the same breath, we have the power to lift the spirit of the downtrodden, compliment someone’s appearance, even praise the hard work of a colleague. It’s our choice, how we use the words, whether to crush someone’s spirit, anger them or lift them up with positive words of praise.

This is equally true when we consider our own selves. If we speak negatively or possess negative thoughts about ourselves, these words and thoughts tend to linger around in our mental bank. They pop up when we least expect it, nag us with accusations and fear, and stand in the way of our success.

However, if you will begin saying positive affirmations each day, you can change the conversation that is taking place in your head. It’s easy to do and it might well be your key to losing weight and getting in shape.

Begin each day with positive affirmations of what you will do. What you will eat, how mush exercise you will do, how wonderful you look and how healthy you feel because of your healthy choices.

Most importantly, you must believe in the power of your words. Believe that these things are possible. If you must repeat the same words over and over, believe in what you are saying. Practice this every day and you will see how easy it is to lose weight and get in shape with positive words of praise.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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