Lifting the Myths about Weights

March 12

Are you taking an active role in your health? Eating right? Daily aerobics? Drinking plenty of water and getting your required amount of vitamins and nutrients? Yes?

So, you’re lifting weights too then, right?

Why not? Weight lifting can be just as important to your health as aerobics! But most women shy away from weight lifting because they are afraid they will bulk up too much and appear too masculine. This is simply not the case. Weight lifting can help you tone and can only add to your appearance and femininity. There’s no danger of becoming too muscle bound unless you are injecting yourself with testosterone.

So, assuming that you’re not taking testosterone, adding weight lifting into your exercise routine can help dramatically increase your metabolism, tone and sculpt your body, and strengthen your bones. It can also help you lose weight faster than just exercise alone.

Studies show that the average woman who does weight training two to three times a week, for two months will lose 31/2 pounds of fat… all without cutting a single calorie. That’s because the more muscle you build the more calories you lose throughout the day even when you are resting. Women who lift weights burn 100 more calories throughout the day than women who don’t lift weights.

Weight lifting can also help prevent osteoporosis. Just weight lifting alone can improve your bone mineral density by 13 percent in only 6 months! High blood pressure and high cholesterol can also be combated by weight lifting thereby decreasing your risks of heart disease.

Some things to consider before you begin a weight lifting routine. Make sure you are using the right lifting technique. If you are using a machine at a gym, see if a professional trainer can help show you the right way to lift. If you are using free weights, make sure you use weights that are appropriate for you. Too light, and you won’t get a great workout. Too heavy, and you could injure yourself. How can you tell? A good rule of thumb is to assess how you feel the following day after a workout. Your muscles may feel tight and a little bit sore but your bones and joints should not ache.

By adding weight lifting into your exercise routine, you’ll be able to feel and see the benefits quickly, by losing weight, gaining muscle, and toning and sculpting until you get the body you’ve always wanted.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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