Lift Your Spirit

October 5

When you’re feeling down or disappointed in yourself for some reason, you might find that exercise can help to alleviate those emotions and help you to recover your positive outlook.

When we don’t have a physical outlet for all of the challenges we face, it sometimes bottles up inside of us, leaving us feeling drained, anguished or extremely sad. Sometimes, just taking a walk or a bike ride can help to ease the darkened mood and lift your spirit.

When I began training other ladies to meet their fitness goals, I was astounded at the lack of confidence and the amount of self-loathing that these women had. Many were successful in their careers and had loving families, yet they felt inferior just because of their weight. Some of them had just given up after having children and no longer felt attractive. What I found very peculiar was that a lot of them were barely overweight, yet they carried a very low opinion of the way that they looked.

As they began to exercise and gain more control over their bodies, the transformation was remarkable. I had the opportunity to work with these women to help them achieve feats they never thought possible. Helping them to build their confidence, did wonders for my own.

I recommended that they keep track of what they were eating, drinking and their physical activities every day. I asked them to notate how they felt about their bodies when they started the program and to keep updating it as they advanced.

When they realized what they could accomplish, they were astonished. These were women who had not been active for years, but now found themselves getting stronger, becoming thinner and learning to Empower Beauty®.

How are you feeling today? Could you use a lift in your spirit? Begin an exercise program today. Take a walk, go for a run, jump rope or play a game of tennis with a friend. You’ll be doing your body, mind and spirit good.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. Thank you so much…I needed that bit of inspiration.

  2. Lovely on 10/13/2009 at 10:58 pm
  3. Karen, YOU always hit it right on the head;great article, so true!
    Although, I try to not be too hard on myself and stay positive,always
    counting my blessings, when my spirits are low usually because I have
    not yet mastered my time management;doing too much,overplanning and putting myself last resulting in not achieving what I want. They say:

    “Strongest are the bars in those jails we have made for ourselves.”

    BUT IT IS, like you said, some kind of exercise that always rejuvenates me to try again and get that conquer the world feeling back again! That belief in oneself to come alive and thrive! Thanks for sharing!
    Loveya, God Bless! :>)

  4. Faith on 04/08/2010 at 6:20 pm

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