Learning To Take Control Over Your Life

June 10

Taking control over your life can begin with daily affirmations. These powerful phrases that you repeat to yourself every morning can be the commands that you mind is waiting for.

Repeating your daily affirmations helps to supercharge your mind to follow whatever you tell it. By doing this everyday at approximately the same time each day will soon become a habit that your mind, body and spirit will crave. Use this time for positive thoughts, pushing out any negativity that tries to invade this process.

When you decide to make women’s fitness a priority in your life, you begin to examine your diet and exercise regimen. Certainly there are changes that you will want to make in order to get in your best shape. Affirmations are one of the secret skills that you will learn at Fitness4Her that will help you achieve the body that you desire.

Affirmations allow you to take control over your eating habits and keep you motivated to not only stick to an exercise program, but to excel in your fitness goals. Your mind will actually listen to and feed off these daily commands and you will soon see the results of your efforts.

Remember that affirmations must be repeated with all sincerity. You must actually believe what you say. You see, if you don’t believe it, then it never will happen. Without your trust and belief, they are just empty words that fall on deaf ears. In other words, it is your strong belief that gives these affirmations the power to change your life. You must believe it in order to achieve it.

So if you believe in what you say, and you repeat these affirmations daily, you will convince your mind that this thing is possible. If you tell yourself that you will eat healthy and you repeat it daily, you will begin to make changes in the way that you eat. When you go against your affirmations it is much like going against your sub conscious. Your brain will send impulses to remind you of your affirmations. At that time, it is looking for some validation as to why you aren’t following your own commands.

Taking control of your life with affirmations is easy to do. First you decide what you want to change, then decide on the affirmations that you will choose to repeat. Without fail, stand in front of a mirror and repeat these affirmations to yourself, daily. For best results, at the end of the day write down how well you followed the affirmations. This will help to seal the deal and give you the control you need to make fitness a priority in your life.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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