Keeping Your Breasts Healthy

August 4

You don’t have to wait until National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in order to think about caring for your breasts. Breast cancer is a disease that has affected many people either directly or to someone close. Getting regular checkups by your physician and performing regular breast checks will catch any problems before they become any bigger. Seriously ladies, early detection of breast cancer followed by prompt treatment saves lives.

Now, research has shown a link between exercise and healthy breasts. According to the Alberta Cancer Board, there is a strong connection between increased physical activity and reduced risk of breast cancer. Exercise keeps your body moving and that is crucial to your overall health, even your breasts.

However, some exercises like jogging or running will make your breasts bounce too much and cause discomfort. A 2007 study by researchers at the University of Portsmouth in England found that women experience an average bounce of about four inches. Some women reported experiencing more than double that amount. With all this bouncing and the risk of unnecessarily stretched breast tissue, it’s no wonder that many women shy away from these activities. However, by investing in a very supportive, well-fitting sports bra, you may be able to keep your lovely ladies in place and stop the bounce, once and for all.

A woman’s breasts are a symbol of love. Poetry, literature, music and scripture have all praised the beauty of the breast, as their authors proclaimed their affection for these truly magnificent artistic wonders. All through history, the breasts have been a part of the woman’s body that has been the most acknowledged and admired.

But that doesn’t mean your breasts have to be large in order to be gorgeous. Breasts are lovely no matter what their size. Be proud of your breasts and take good care of them and that includes getting regular check ups and remembering to do your breast checks every month. If you have a habit of forgetting to do your own breast checks, pick a day out of the month, mark it on your calendar and do it every month on that day.

Eating a balanced diet, low in saturated fats, sodium and sugar is also crucial to good health and that includes your breast. Studies have shown that eating at least 5 to 7 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables plays a major part in keeping you healthy from diseases. While no diet alone can guarantee you won’t get cancer, nutrient rich diets seem to show better results than diets high in saturated fat, sodium, and sugars.

Keep your breasts healthy and beautiful by eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, 30 minutes a day for six days a week, get plenty of rest every night and see your physician regularly. Mark your calendar today, and don’t forget those breast checks every month.

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  1. Thank you for the excellent post. I have been very conerned with the health of my breasts ever senses my aunt had surgery for breast cancer. They were able to catch hers quick, but I am still very concerned about my own breasts now

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