Keeping The Motivation For Exercise Through Imagery

July 28

If you feel like you just don’t want to exercise maybe you need a boost in your motivation. It helps to try new things when you need to trick your mind to comply. If you’ve never tried imagery to help you get motivated, I’ve outlined the steps to help you get started.

1. Find a place to sit comfortably, without interruptions or distractions.
2. Relax your body and take several long, slow breaths.
3. Close your eyes and begin to create a vivid and convincing image. This image can be something you’ve previously experienced, or something you desire to take place.
4. If you become distracted or find you are thinking about something else, simply acknowledge it and let it go.
5. Focus on your breathing if you lose the image.
6. Keep a positive attitude throughout your session, don’t allow negativity to enter or stay.
7. Imagine everything about the experience—the sights, sounds, tastes, feelings, and even the smells.
8. Allow details of the scene to fill your imagination. What are you wearing, who is there, what are you hearing, how do you feel?
9. If your imagery session is not going the way you want it to, simply open your eyes and start from the beginning, concentrating on your breathing.
10. Be sure to end with a positive image.

Follow these steps with positive affirmations. If you need some help getting started with your affirmations, or if you just don’t know what to tell yourself, read my posts under Affirmations. You will find plenty of ideas to inspire and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Don’t forget your fitness journal, it’s the next step to get your morning revving for a great day on the racetrack of life. Once you begin writing, your motivation will soar.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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