Journaling Builds Character With Each Stroke Of The Pen

December 4

Journaling helps to build character. Keeping a daily record of your activities, keeps you accountable for everything that you do. That is why keeping a fitness journal is so important to the success of your fitness program. With every stroke of the pen, journaling builds character, discipline, and determination. Journaling brings you face to face with your desires, your goals, your abilities and your courage to reach for the next level. Journaling shows you have the courage to succeed.

Writing down everything you eat and drink allows you to analyze what is working for you and what is not. When you keep a fitness journal, you may be surprised at how much food you actually eat. As you reach for your next bite, reach for the journal and be ready to write it down. You will be surprised at how less hungry you become when you know you have to write down everything that you eat and drink.

Keeping a journal will allow you to record your fitness goals, including your goals for a better-looking body. Record your measurements of your waist, chest and hips. Measure your thighs, calves, ankles, arms and wrists. Do this at least every month to determine if your current level of exercise is working for you.

I prefer a written journal to an online type. I spend a considerable amount of time each day on the computer writing blogs and answering emails so I welcome the escape to actually write in my journal. I love to go through past journals to read about my past goals and victories. I get new ideas from old practices and these journals are never boring. There is power in the written word and I feel so much more in touch with my journal as I touch it and write in it. However, an online version may work better for you, the important thing is that you use the fitness journal to get you closer to your goal.

For me, writing my feelings down on paper is a great stress reliever, too. Many times, writing down an event helps to put everything in perspective. Instead of my brain playing back the episode like a series of repeated television shows, this act of writing helps to free my mind of the guilt and contemplation that accompany the guilt rehashing scenario.

Writing helps me sleep better at night. By writing everything down, I have nothing left to worry about when I go to bed. Once I say my prayers, I’m ready for sleep.

There are a variety of journals that include pages for counting calories, sodium, protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Some allow space for exercise while others are strictly diet oriented. I like to include my exercise and meals in the same book and preferably on the same page. There is so much to compare from one day to the other that I like it as simple as possible.

I prefer a cover that looks good, usually one that is colorful. Colorful covers are eye-catching and make it easy for me to find my journal. An appealing cover is like an invitation that beacons my creativity. I never throw away my journals, even after they are filled up. Each past journal is kept on my personal bookshelf so I can easily go back and read some of my prior entries. These historical memoirs provide a certain amount of inspiration and motivation combined with a bit of humor.

Journaling builds character, helps you lose weight and gain a better perspective on life. I hope you are ready to record your success in a fitness journal of your very own.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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