Its Who You Are, Not How Much You Weigh

November 14

Have you ever stepped onto the scales and just hated the number that appeared as your weight? Many of us have felt that disappointment. However, for some women, they are so ashamed of their weight that they experience self-loathing or depression.

That number on the scale is not who you are! You are so much more than just the number that is your weight. To all of those around you, it’s who you are, not how much you weigh that defines you to them.

If you’ve got a mind and have the ability to make a commitment, you can change that number on the scale to one that will be more satisfactory to you. All it takes to change that number is the desire, the drive and faith in yourself. You must believe it to achieve it.

Never throw the baby out with the bath water! By this I mean, don’t get discouraged with your weight and become depressed. Rather, make up your mind to do something about it.
No matter how many times you may have tried and failed before, you do have the power to change your life.

Making changes in your life will be necessary if you want to lose weight. You’ll need to make amendments to your diet and your exercise practices. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat foods that taste good, or that you have to succumb to boring exercise routines. There are many tasty treats that are low in calories that make great substitutions to other high fat snacks and fun aerobic activities that help you lose weight in just 30 minutes a day.

If you need help getting started with your women’s fitness program, join Fitness4Her today. You’ll get free access to mouth-watering menus and recipes that you can prepare for yourself or your family. Plus, you can join in the fitness fun with easy to follow exercise routines designed specially for the female body.

It’s who you are, not how much you weigh that makes you special. But if you aren’t happy with your weight, start taking the necessary steps to change it. It’s your life and it’s much too precious to spend any time feeling disappointed in yourself.

Join Fitness4Her and learn to love food, regain the essence of youth and recapture your confidence. Think it, believe it and achieve it!

~ Karen Ficarelli

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