Inspiring Words For Your Diet

July 23

It’s not easy to stick to a diet, not in a world of advertisements for food that is not the best for our health. Couple that, with the easiness of fast food, both at drive-through restaurants and convenience stores, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to stay on a diet.

No one said it would be easy. At least not in the beginning. Changing the way that you eat, takes some time and a lot of determination and restraint. Breaking old habits is hard to do, but it has been successfully accomplished time and again and the good news is, it can happen for you, too.

Sometimes all you need are some words of encouragement to keep you focused on your goal. The pursuit of a healthier, more attractive body because you care enough about your self and those around you, to strive for something better and that means a healthy body.

So here you go: I hope these will help you to take the first step, or if you have had a little lax period in your diet, maybe these ideas will help to get you going again.

Make the decision to love your body. If you don’t truly love your body, how can you ever do anything nice for it? Healthy eating takes some getting used to. Cutting down on sugar and sodium means making changes to foods that might at first not have as much taste. You’ve got to give yourself time to get used to these foods, if you love yourself and keep in mind the reason you are selecting healthy foods is because of the love that you feel, it will be much easier to do the right thing.

Think about your those people that you love. Once you start losing weight, how will they be affected? If they are close to you and see the joy and confidence you reap from your weight loss, they will probably be ecstatic. You most likely will be happier and that will make everyone around you happier too.

Repeat to yourself that what one woman can do, I can too. You know others have successfully stuck to their diets and lost weight from eating healthy. So what’s up with you? You are fully capable of doing what you set out to do—I know you can do it!

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. i am trying the hardest i possibly can to get in better shape! i never have time to work out so i almost always resort to regulating my diet… thank you so much for this valuable and resourceful blog!

  2. Alex on 07/25/2010 at 10:52 pm
  3. It’s not always easy to pick up our spirits to start working out while a hard day at work is just around the corner or when a long day is about to end. But that moment of doubt is the actual key to get slim or to get fat.
    With that in mind, remember that those few seconds can decide how thight you will look in the years to come…

  4. on 08/09/2010 at 1:47 pm
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