Inspiring Minds Want To Know The Best Women’s Fitness Program To Stay In Shape

May 23

Finding the inspiration to participate in a women’s fitness program is a true gift and may be enough to keep you motivated to succeed. Along with inspiration, however, the caveat for success is in finding the best women’s fitness program that will work for you.

Fitness4Her’s 30 Minutes To A New You® exercise program combines strength training exercises that engage the core muscles with cardio activities to help strengthen the heart. Developed specifically with a woman’s body in mind, this fitness program provides the inspiration, motivation, exercises and diet to help any woman lose weight and get in shape.

For those women who are already involved in regular exercise, Fitness4Her is a challenging program that encourages all women to take their fitness program to the next level. The best force to make sure you stay inspired to exercise is to keep it challenging.

Adding weights, using balance balls, increasing reps and sets to your exercises, all help to keep you reaching for the higher level. And the best way to keep that inspiration flowing and keep track of your goals and accomplishments is to keep a fitness journal. The interesting thing is that it has been proven that those women who keep a journal of everything they eat and drink and all of the activities that they do, will have a better chance of losing weight and keeping it off than those women who do not.

Inspiring minds know that a successful fitness program starts with the mind. From the passion and desire comes the inspiration to make it happen. Then to make it successful the secret is to find the best fitness program that will keep you in shape, one that will work with your schedule and one that includes a sensible diet and exercise plan. Fitness4Her’s 30 Minutes To A New You provides everything you need to eat healthy and get in shape no matter if you are 17 or 74.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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One Comment

  1. What a FAB idea!

    Putting together a specific programme aimed at women with their particular needs in mind.

    I also think it’s wonderful you’ve aslo decided to mix n match your training with cardio, resistance and core as it’s simply the best way to target the body generally and make the best gains.

    Awesome article Karen!

  2. Garth Delikan on 05/29/2011 at 3:59 am

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