How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

May 22

You’ve been dieting and exercising for a few months now but you don’t seem to be losing as much weight as you were in the beginning of your program. It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t see results.

In order to keep you motivated, we need to first uncover your definition of results. Why did you begin the program? Was your initial reason to begin dieting and exercising to lose weight?

If your answer is yes, then have you accomplished that task? If you have lost some weight, then your second answer would also be yes. So, it’s true, your hard work and dedication have brought about positive results.

But maybe you are thinking that you need to lose more weight. If that is the case, then you have every reason in the world to be motivated to continue the program. Ask yourself what will happen if you go back to your old way of dieting and forego the exercise?

Well, the obvious answer here would be that you will gain back the weight that you have worked so hard to lose. You definitely don’t want that to happen.

But how does one stay motivated?

• Maintaining a journal of everything you eat and drink and recording your physical activities will make it easier to stay on track.

• Affirmations will help you to stay motivated.

• Recognizing your achievements and rewarding yourself for your accomplishments will encourage success.

The important thing to realize is that it takes courage to begin any weight loss or fitness program. Commitment is needed to stay the course. Realize that you are a beautiful and important individual and you deserve to reach your goal.

Imagine all of the benefits you will reap when you succeed. Show gratitude for how far you have come. Know that you are on the right path and to turn back now, will seriously impede your chance for success.

Above all, know that yours is a magnificent life, full of choices and decisions. Make the decision today, to succeed.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. Well said. It’s easy to find the right weight-loss program, but it is much harder to stay motivated and disciplined. There are so many temptations and distractions. One thing you could add is ‘focus’ on the end goal and thinking about what got you motivated in the first place.

  2. Andrei on 07/27/2010 at 1:21 pm

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