How to Make Your Goals Work for You

May 19

Have you set goals for yourself? While we all have dreams of what we want, both in the present and the future, by setting goals, we put that dream into action. This excites our brain as it begins to fire off neurons, figuring out how to complete the task of making lifestyle changes. This is a key factor in motivation. You must keep the brain stimulated to success.

Do you believe that your goals are attainable? If you’re wishing to drop two sizes, do you have a plan to reduce your weight? You’ll need to figure out how to reduce and burn more calories in order to lose weight. You may need to change your diet and increase your activity level. Your brain must be able to figure out a logical path to succeed, or it will begin to believe that the task is impossible. Once that occurs, you may find yourself losing motivation, and just plain giving up.

Are you committed to your goal? How badly do you want it? If we really want something, and we make the decision to achieve it, we sometimes astound ourselves by our commitment to succeed. It seems as if it has come upon us like magic, but it is our own dedication, our own willingness to make sacrifices, that gives us this ability to stay the course in order to bring about our own personal success.

Though barriers may stand in your way, can you keep your eyes focused on your goal? Do you let everyday occurrences keep you from your commitment or do you persevere no matter what happens? Once you place your goal in the forefront of your life, you will be better able to give it the acknowledgement that is needed for you to achieve it.

Can you celebrate your achievements without regretting the past? Your mind needs that constant reinforcement that it is accomplishing great tasks. Keeping a positive, winning attitude is vital to achieving success. Instead of concentrating on what you haven’t done, or what you can’t do, spend time each day, thinking of all of the things you have accomplished. By the time you get through listing these, your mind will be so super-charged it will be hard for it to get discouraged.

Above all, never stop dreaming, never stop setting goals; these will keep you vibrant and healthy, both mentally and physically. Be good to yourself; make time to do something for yourself each day. This is your life, commit to making it the best.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. You are absolutaly right. You are a great motivator and a great coach at the same time. I’m really interested in the healty lifestyle and I would like to be as you. The positiv thinking is the most important on the way of loosing weight.

  2. Judy on 05/22/2011 at 1:49 pm

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