How To Get That Sleek Sexy Look In This Season’s Jeans

April 13

There’s nothing like a great fitting pair of jeans to show off a sexy butt. But many times what we can’t see from the front is leaving a lasting but undesirable impression behind.

But let’s face it—everyone knows that it’s what is inside the jeans that counts. A well-toned butt looks extra sexy in a nice fitting pair of jeans. Whether perceived by the conscious or sub-conscious mind, a sculpted rear is a symbol of health and vitality.

There is no denying that a small waist and a shapely derriere is attractive under just about any piece of clothing. However, denim jeans have a way of accenting the beauty of a fine set of sculpted buttocks, unlike any other pair of pants.

So what is the secret to a sexy looking jean? It starts with defining the type of legs, butt and stomach you have and then working from there. Although you cannot change the length of your legs or the bone structure of your hips, you can exercise to show off the best parts of your fabulous figure.

A well toned tush is easily attainable with the right exercises and let’s face it, we all need exercise. From aerobic activities that strengthen the heart and burn fat and calories to resistance exercises that sculpt and tone, a women’s fitness program will go a long way to improving the way your jeans fit you.

Some exercises that you can do are the squat, lunge, shoulder bridge and donkey kicks. All of these work the gluteus maximus. To boost the benefits from these exercises, you can step it up to the next level by adding weights to produce better results.

As you progress in your exercise program, you may find your pants beginning to loosen up. Even without changes in the body, you’ve no doubt noticed that all denim stretches as it is worn, which is why it’s best to purchase jeans that are a bit tight in the beginning.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. There has always been a direct relationship between exercising and been in shape. To say the least, exercise tones the muscles and improves circulation. These activities or body processes contribute immensely to figure tuning. You may see many people assuming that the best way to stay slender is to indulge in weight loss pills.Of course, that helps but nature’s own way of maintaining your right figure can help a lot.

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  4. leila fox on 04/17/2011 at 2:06 pm
  5. Squat, squat and more squats. I’ve always found the best results with pushing a good amount of weight. A fast walk on a steep incline is also great.

  6. Michelle on 04/18/2011 at 11:06 pm

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