Healthy Food Recipes To Keep Your Diet On Track.

December 13

Making the decision to lose weight is not an easy one. Sure most of us know when we need to do something about our weight, but when it comes to having to change the way we eat, it’s a different story altogether—especially if we have to deprive ourselves of our favorite foods. Many times, this is the problem with staying true to a diet. Not being able to eat the foods that we enjoy can cause our motivation to drop.

If you’ve experienced this sort of waning in your motivation to diet then you need to find some healthy food recipes that incorporate your favorite foods. If you like French fries, try sweet potato fries—baked in the oven. If you miss milk shakes, try a low-fat fruit smoothie, instead. There are so many good foods to choose from, there is no reason that you have to do without.

Food is not the problem. Food is the answer to losing weight and staying healthy. That’s why we need to find healthy food recipes to cook for our families and ourselves. Cooking foods that the whole family will enjoy will make it much easier to keep your diet on track and keep your motivation soaring. And motivation plays a large part in a successful diet plan.

It takes inspiration and a desire to begin dieting, but it requires a commitment and motivation to keep you dedicated to a diet. That’s why I offer articles and tips on inspiration, motivation, women’s fitness, exercise, journaling and diet. When you become a member of, you’ll have easy access to healthy food recipes under my Healthy Cooking category.

If you’ve been searching for healthy recipes for yourself or a whole crowd, you’ll find nearly 100 mouth-watering entrees to choose from. Learn to be a sneaky cook by substituting turkey sausage for pork or canned pumpkin in place of oil and egg yolks in cakes and muffins. You’ll find these tips and more at

For most of us, there doesn’t seem time enough in the day to prepare healthy food, even though we know that what we eat is the secret to losing weight. Listen, I know what it’s like to be pressed for time. A personal trainer, fitness model, wife and mother of three boys, I stay very busy, too. That’s why I rummaged through my secret stash of healthy food recipes that you can prepare in minutes. Many of my recipes take about 30 minutes from start to finish.

Remember, to keep your diet on track you need to eat foods that are healthy and nutritious. But you must watch your portion size as well. In many of the healthy recipes that you’ll find at, I’ve included suggestions on portion size to make it easy for you to add this menu item to your diet.—it is the go-to-place for free healthy food recipes.   Here are just a few.

Aye María! Black Bean Quesadilla
Extreme Oatmeal

Smoked Trout or Salmon with Dill Sauce

Monster Mashed Cauliflower

Easy, but not Greasy, Muscle Building Meatloaf
Sweet and Simple Snapper
Super Food Scrambled Eggs A Favorite From Breakfast at Karens
Smoky Turkey Chili

~ Karen Ficarelli

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