Getting Motivated For Life

December 15

Motivation is the psychological trigger that arouses us to take action in order to reach a desired goal.

Many women are looking for motivation in order to move towards a specific goal, such as fitness. We all possess the ability to inspire motivational thoughts, but many times we use these to help others and fail to draw on that same wealth of inspiration when it comes to our own lives.

While it’s commendable to help others, and in the long run, helping others enriches our own lives, it is important that we live by what we preach. Whatever methods we use to motivate others, must work on us as well. If we talk about exercising every day, or eating healthy, we must live by example in order to really help someone else.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what motivates another. I know when it comes to women’s fitness; motivation is one of the hardest things to harness.

One of my friends was telling me about a motivational seminar where she worked. The company was looking for ways to motivate workers because production levels had fallen off and morale was low. The corporate officers had a meeting and some of the executives thought that an across the board raise and an employee break area outside would really excite the employees and make them want to work more effectively. They clearly believed that an increase in salary would be the answer to employee morale.

Before making any final decision, they decided to actually ask the employees to fill out questionnaires about what motivated them and gave them satisfaction in their jobs. What they found out surprised them.

Instead of a salary increase, the majority of the workers said they preferred interesting work to better wages, in level of importance. More importantly, they wanted to feel that what they contributed to the workplace was appreciated and provided value to the organization.

It got me to thinking that many times when it comes to getting motivated to lose weight or get in shape, its not the thinking of how we will look that really provides the motivation. Rather, it is how we will feel on the inside because we are able to improve our health and physique.

But whether you need motivation for weight loss, exercise, or work, consider the benefits of how you will feel when you embrace motivation and allow it to trigger you into action.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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