Get Fabulous Nails From Your Fingers To Your Toes

June 13

When considering the benefits of women’s fitness, we need look no further than a woman’s hands and feet. While it is not the only noticeable factor of fitness, the health and beauty of a woman’s nails have a lot to do with her overall health. Eating foods that nourish the body and participating in an active exercise program can give you fit and fabulous finger nails and toe nails too.

Aerobic exercise, any exercise that increases the heart rate for at least 20 minutes, is great for improving circulation, which encourages nail growth. But the length of the nail is not the only indicator of health. Proper blood flow to the nail bed is the foundation to nail growth. That along with the condition of the nail bed on both the fingers and toes is important to having strong, beautiful nails.

Strength training exercises are helpful for nail health too. That’s because strength or resistance training exercises help to build muscle tissue and also improve circulation. These exercises help to balance hormone levels and break down proteins for use throughout the body.

Exercise alleviates stress, an enemy of beautiful nails. Exercise also discourages nail biting, especially if you add weights to your workout. It becomes almost impossible to bite your nails when you are holding a 3 lb dumbbell in your hand. But seriously, the more activity you participate in, the busier you keep your hands, the less likely you will have them in your mouth, chewing nervously at your nails.

Of cours, beautiful nails also depend on the way you take care of them on the outside, too. Regular manicures either by a professional or at home are essential to having lovely, long nails. Wearing protection, like rubber gloves when cleaning and warm gloves to protect from the cold will also encourage nail growth and avoid breaking and peeling of the nail

Exercise will give you a sexier looking body, beautiful nails and luscious hair. It’s been shown to improve skin tone and restore the beauty of youth. Fitness4Her has a great exercise program that can help you get fit in as little as 30 minutes a day. With all the benefits that exercise provides, I know you will want to get started right away. Join Fitness4Her today and empower the beauty in you.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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