Five Ways To Make Affirmations Work For You

April 1

In order to get the best results from your affirmations, you must fully believe in the power of what you are saying to yourself. You must believe it to achieve it. With all of your senses, you must feel the reality of your affirmations.

See it with your eyes. Visualization is a process where you envision the new you, the person who is physically fit, on top of her game, able to conquer the challenges that come her way.

1. Listen with your ears. Everyone loves a good listener, even you. Why not give yourself the same respect and attention that you extend to others. With complete attention given to your affirmations, say them aloud and listen to the words as you repeat your declarations. Fully believe that each of your affirmations is true and completely possible to achieve.

2. Reach out and touch it. As you repeat your affirmations, let the feeling of success flood over you. Allow yourself to really concentrate on what fitness will mean to you. Perhaps a chance to play with your children or grandchildren, maybe it’s to walk on the beach without feeling self conscious, allow the driving force behind your weight loss goals to fill your mind. Grasp that force and take ownership of the desire to become the person that you want to be.

3. Consistency trains the brain. Try to say your affirmations at the same time each day. The morning is usually the best time, as it readies your mind for the day’s tasks and sets it on the path to success. Even if you only allow yourself 5 minutes, try to make it the same time of day for the best results.

4. Go to your private place. When you say your affirmations, retreat to a private area of your home for the privacy you need to concentrate on what you are saying. Repeating them in front of a mirror has the advantage of being able to look yourself in the eye and know that what you are saying is possible.

5. If you want to achieve it, you must first believe it. As I said in the beginning, you must believe it to achieve it. Believe in your affirmations. Don’t say things to yourself that you simply do not believe is possible. If you want to make it simple, concentrate on just one affirmation each day or each week. Repeat this command to yourself daily and you will begin to see the results. Believe that you can… and soon you will find that affirmations work for you, too.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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