Felicias Story of Fitness Success

September 8

I want to share an inspiring story of a girl that I have known for years. By focusing on women’s fitness, my friend, who I’ll call Felicia in order to protect her identity, lost over 50 pounds and never gained it back.

Her story may sound like that of people you have known. She is like many women who have had the fortitude to focus on their goals and stick to their plans.

When Felicia graduated from college, she weighed more than she had ever weighed in her life. Always a bit plump, she and her family were accustomed to a Southern diet that included lots of butter and sugar. Red meat and potatoes were favorites with fried chicken and potato salad running a close second.

During her college years, she continued to eat many of the same foods that she grew up with, but added the habit of late night eating coupled with fast food. Her weight escalated for the next four years and even though she was young, she began to experience some health issues. Her blood pressure had begun to rise, her cholesterol levels were too high, and she was beginning to notice feet problems from supporting the extra pounds. Felicia knew she needed to address her weight issues but she had failed with diets and exercise before and hated to go through the anguish of defeat.

A graphic designer, Felicia found a job quickly and began working long hours sitting in front of a computer. Since she didn’t know anyone yet, she brought her lunch and read a book. Out of boredom, she noticed that she was snacking more and more. Unhappy with her weight, she made a plan to do something about it.

She started buying cookbooks with healthy cooking ideas and recipes. Soon she and her family were preparing delicious meals that were lower in calories and saturated fat. They found that they really could enjoy a meal without all the butter.

Focused on making healthy lifestyle changes, she started walking every day for 30 minutes. She would take 30 minutes to eat lunch and then 30 to walk. Although it wasn’t an aerobic workout she was getting out and moving.

She and her mother began to lose weight from the change in their diet. With summer vacation only months away, they decided to join a gym and start exercising. Once they got started they never looked back. Not only did they both look fantastic that summer, but they both continued with their efforts.

Just like Felicia, it’s possible to change the way you eat no matter what your diet has been in the past. It may take a little while, but if you will make conscious changes, always focusing on healthy eating and never overeating, you can lose weight.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. I know for myself, eating out or getting fast food are the quickest ways to put on weight. Just eating at home most nights makes a huge difference. Congratulations to Felicia and her mom!

  2. Deb on 09/08/2010 at 1:02 pm

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