Exercise Tips To Keep You Healthy And Fit

July 7

You’ve finally begun an exercise program and you’ve been working really hard at it. You want to make sure you are getting the best results for all of your hard work but you aren’t really sure if it will pay off or not. What you need are some exercise tips. Sometimes, just reading tips that others use will increase your focus on your fitness goals. Try them and see—they just may work for you too.

1. Be consistent. Whatever exercise program you choose, stick to it. Exercise at least six days a week. Don’t allow excuses to get in the way of your fitness regime. Don’t give up.

2. Don’t forget to stretch. Stretching is so important when it comes to exercise. By allowing your muscles time to flex and adjust, you actually protect your muscles from strain, you ligaments from sprain and your joints from injury.

3. Avoid injury. Stretching before and after exercise will help you to avoid injury. Also, be careful of adding weights to your workout and add them gradually. Too much weight will overwork your muscles and can lead to injury. Staying free from injury will give you a much better work out and ensure you will be healthy enough to continue exercising.

4. Do aerobics three times a week. Make sure the routine you choose incorporates aerobics as part of the exercise program. Walking, running, jogging, cycling, skating, swimming, dancing or sports should be a regular part of your fitness workout. These aerobic activities raise the heart rate and help your heart and lungs to become stronger.

5. Add strength-training exercises to your workout. Every exercise program should include three days of strength training or resistance training exercises. These movements help to build and strengthen your muscles. The added bonus is what these exercises do for your appearance.

6. Incorporate the Pilates’ principles of engaging your core muscles. Engaging the core means to draw your belly button into your spine, which contracts the transverse abdominals. The trans abs are the muscles that help to strengthen your back and give you a tighter, slimmer waist.
7. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. You should engage in physical activity as described in 4 and 5 above. One day doing aerobics and the next day strength training.

These exercises performed alternately will help to tone, shape, strengthen and sculpt your beautiful body.

8. Vary your exercise routine. Mix up your work outs for best results. If you normally walk on a treadmill and use the same old program, change it up and select the trailblazer mode for a surprise treadmill hike up and down inclines, speeding up and slowing down. Skip the gym one day and go play golf or tennis. Tennis burns about 750 calories in an hour.

9. Find an exercise buddy. This can be good and bad. An exercise buddy can be a real benefit when you are just getting started and finding your way around the gym or if you need a neighbor to power walk with you. The downside is if you depend on the buddy and won’t exercise without them. You have to be in charge of your fitness program. Don’t let anything or anyone sabotage your efforts.

10. Keep a fitness journal. Big results and much success can be attributed to keeping a fitness journal. You know I have spoken about it several times and thoroughly believe in its ability to help you transform your life.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. Yes I find having a buddy really helpful myself, or several. The chat & camaraderie makes the whole routine fun. Also it’s inspiring to find yourself able to lift heavier weights over time, & the feeling of those endorphins bringing bliss after exercise is what I remember before to get me going again.

  2. Rosie on 07/18/2010 at 10:30 pm

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