Empower Beauty With The Power Of Words

September 14

Start your day off with affirmations and you will discover the empowerment of words. Positive words of encouragement and strength, affirmations are a way of speaking to your own mind, heart and soul. You declare something such as a fitness goal, but speak as though you have already attained that goal, thereby empowering the mind to conquer the task.

Affirmations can enhance every aspect of your life. Your relationships, your job performance and your fitness goals are all prime targets for positive affirmations. That’s because these are the most important areas of our lives and we constantly seek ways to improve them.

If at all possible, set aside some time each morning to repeat your affirmations for the day. You may have one or two that you repeat each day, or you may concentrate on a different area of your life each day. The important thing is that you give your full attention and believe the words that you say.

Affirmations that are repeated without meaning, will soon become empty words that render little results. It is better to say a few meaningful words than to recite a speech that has lost its heart and soul.

For instance you might declare that you are losing weight. Another affirmation would be to say, “I am exercising for 30 minutes today.” If you will repeat the latter every day for a week, you will find that your mind pulls you toward completing that goal. You will begin to feel like exercising and that it is a part of your everyday life.

Affirmations work for other areas of your life too. Affirmations can be used to improve your relationships and the manner in which you deal with different situations. Give them a try for at least a week and see the successful results. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain, including a thinner, more youthful looking you. Empower your beauty with the power of words.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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