Catching “Fitness Fever”—You’ve Never Felt So Good

August 26

Some people admit to me that they would rather do anything than workout. They wonder how I stay motivated. Well the truth is, I enjoy it so much that I can’t imagine what it would be like without it. Sure, I didn’t always exercise so regularly, there was a time when I rarely exercised. I knew if I could tell you some of the things that worked for me, then maybe when you felt the need for a little motivation, these ideas might help you too. So I went back to my archives and dug up some of the tips that helped me catch “fitness fever.”

Yep, that’s what it was alright. Fitness fever is contagious. It occurs when you begin to exercise on a regular basis and enjoy the feeling that exercise delivers to your body. You become attracted to the strength and confidence that being fit provides. It comes on like a fever and then you are hooked. So below are some tips that will keep you motivated so you too can catch the fitness fever.

Mix up your workout. One of the major reasons people lose motivation is because they become bored with their workout. Week after week doing the same set of exercises or routines can drive you batty. Best to mix up your routines and your aerobic activities too.

Involve your family. If you feel isolated exercising by yourself or walking alone, ask your husband or child to come along with you. If your child is younger, they may want to ride their bike while you power walk or jog along. They won’t mind circling back to catch up with you. If you are out after dark, wear reflective clothing and use bike lights.

Do what works for you. Sometimes well wishers have tons of advice about what you should do. While it doesn’t hurt to listen to other’s opinions, remember it is just that—their opinion. Weigh it carefully against information that you already know and personal preferences that you have.

Use a Journal. Keep a fitness journal to get you started and to keep you motivated. Not only does it motivate you to write down your weekly or daily goals, it’s always a great mood lifter to read some of your past entries that prove your success.

Reward your self with something that you like. From tasty treats to sparkling jewelry, find something to reward yourself. Work out clothes or new tennis shoes are great ways to add function and style while keeping you motivated to look good and get healthy.

Do you have “fitness fever”?  Tell us about it in the comment space below:

~ Karen Ficarelli

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