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July 13

The desire to build a better body may be all you need to inspire you to begin a diet and exercise program. Women’s fitness plans like Fitness4Her offer inspiration with interesting stories, helpful tips and diets to help you get started. But the inspiration to help you get started usually comes from your own heart, mind or soul.

To act on that inspiration, it might help to use something to remind you of why you want to build a better body. It could be for health reasons or something as simple as wanting to look good or it could be to improve your health for a loved one. Maybe you want to be able to run and play with your children, or be able to keep up with your spouse when it comes to playing tennis or going skiing. Whatever your reasons for getting in shape, when you need inspiration, you might want to use a reminder to keep you focused on your goal.

Pictures of loved ones or even of oneself can act as silent reminders of why we are working so hard to get in shape. If you have seen a fitness model whose body you admire, cut her picture out of the magazine so you can look at it regularly for inspiration.

Inspirational quotes are also good for keeping women interested in getting in shape. These quotes have a way of reaching into our hearts and motivating us to take action. Meant to empower us, inspirational quotes help us to reach for the next level because we believe that we can.

Inspiration is helpful in getting started building a better body. However, perspiration is needed to keep anything going and that includes a women’s fitness program. Fitness4Her offers a diet, exercise program and online journal to help women look and feel their very best. Intersting and insightful articles and blogs at Fitness4Her are designed to inspire each and every woman to look better and feel great.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. These are some amazing tips Karen! The idea of getting fit myself so I can help others is a HUGE motivator too!!

    I also love watching music videos to get workout inspiration too!!

    <3 Shaylee

  2. Shaylee on 07/15/2011 at 2:58 pm
  3. Fantastic tips here. A quote I recently read springs to mind, which I’ve now forgotten, but essentially said that motivation often only comes about AFTER we’ve started whatever it is we’re trying to do, which sounds unintuitive but it’s so true!

  4. fitness and diet on 07/22/2011 at 3:26 am

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