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August 26

Many successful diets incorporate journaling in their program. That’s because the journal helps to keep you accountable for everything you eat and drink. By reducing or eliminating high calorie drinks alone, can make you lose significant weight. But the best way to measure how your diet is working for you is to maintain a journal every day.

Maintaining a diet and fitness journal has been proven to be the number one motivator for helping a person succeed with their goals. Writing down everything you eat and drink and all of your activities each day will help you track your progress as you move toward your fitness goals.

The act of writing down your goals triggers a focus mechanism in your brain that helps you keep your mind focused on your goals. Not only does it provide a constant reminder of your goals; but it helps to establish them as real and attainable. When we keep our minds on our goals, we make decisions that move us toward achieving those goals.

The first step in keeping a fitness journal is to understand your current eating and exercising patterns. You must know your starting point in order to establish your goals. Journaling, or keeping a food and exercise log, is a great way to do it. By writing down your goals and then logging in everything you eat and drink each day you will be able to determine what is working for you and what isn’t.

There are many journals to choose from and they come in all sizes. You can select one small enough to fit in your purse or a larger one with full size sheets of paper to write on. It’s your journal so look for one that suits you best. To keep you excited about your journal, find one that is attractive and that allows enough entries for your day to day happenings and your short term and long term goals.

Remember, keeping a journal is fundamental to your success. Changing the way you eat and making a habit of exercising is not easy. The journal may be the easiest part of your whole program, a simple process that is also a critical component to your fitness plan. It has been proven time and again that people who keep a fitness journal have a much greater chance of success when it comes to losing weight than those who do not.

Be part of the successful people and begin your fitness journal today.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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