Are You Getting An Adequate Amount of Vitamin C?

July 16

Vitamin C is very important to our health, but our bodies cannot store this vital nutrient. That’s why it’s important to eat foods rich in Vitamin C every day. There are many misunderstood myths that abound about this magical fruit {+}

Some people mistakenly assume that Vitamin C supplements offer the same health benefits as Vitamin C that you get from eating fresh fruit.
This belief is simply not true. Fresh fruit provides the needed vitamins that our bodies need to stay healthy. Although vitamin supplements do have their place, they are not a complete substitute for vitamins found regularly in the foods that we eat, especially when it comes to Vitamin C.

Did you know that eating grapefruit can help you lose weight?
A study published in the March 2006 issue of the Journal of Medicinal Food supports this age-old belief that grapefruit is useful in the fighting fat! It’s true! According to a pilot study by the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic, adding grapefruit to one’s diet may result in weight loss. The 12-week pilot study monitored weight and metabolic factors of 100 men and women who participated in the Scripps Clinic ‘Grapefruit Diet’ study. Those people maintained their daily eating habits and slightly enhanced their exercise routine. The only dietary change they made was to begin eating grapefruit and drinking grapefruit juice. On average, all those participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost over 3 pounds, with some participants losing more than 10 pounds! While more research is needed, these weight loss changes could be attributed to properties found in grapefruit or the fruits natural ability to satisfy the appetite.

Some people say that Oranges are too messy for eating in public!
Oranges are sturdy, portable and pre-portioned, making them a convenient and nutritious snack. Virtually seedless, oranges are easy to peel so they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. One orange contains all the vitamin C the average person needs each day, as well as potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid and antioxidants. Plus, they are fat-free, sodium-free, and cholesterol-free! Besides all that, oranges on average contain about 80 calories and plenty of natural sugar.

It’s okay to eat Oranges even if you have Acid Reflux Disease.
Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason to avoid citrus fruits if you suffer from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, also known as GERD. According to a study conducted by Stanford University and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (May, 2006), there was not enough evidence to support the theory that eating citrus or other acidic foods will make heartburn worse, or that by avoiding them that your condition will get better.

Playing sports doesn’t mean you can’t eat acidic fruits.
The nutrient dense orange is an easy way for athletes to get the right mix of vitamins, antioxidants and a great tasting energy boost while participating in organized sports. In addition to being a great carb replacement, nutrients in oranges such as potassium may help reduce muscle soreness. Plus, the sweet, refreshing taste of fresh oranges is a bonus for any athlete looking for a energy boosting pre- or post- workout snack. It’s cool to the mouth and is a welcome taste when your mouth is dry.

For sweeter breath, eat an orange or drink orange juice.
Ever notice how nice your mouth feels after eating citrus? Oranges particularly with their sweet taste and acidity give your mouth a more pleasant taste and smell. The acids help to break down bacteria, and Vitamin C is very beneficial to the health of your gums. As a matter of fact, the first line of defense against gum disease, besides proper oral hygiene is to make sure you are getting enough Vitamin C.

You can add lemon to green tea to increase the antioxidant benefits.
Citrus juices enable more of green tea’s unique antioxidants to remain after simulated digestion, possibly making the pairing even more beneficial our health than previously thought. Recent test results show that lemon juice caused 80 percent of tea’s catechins to remain. Following lemon, in terms of stabilizing power, were orange, lime and grapefruit juices. In addition to the health benefits, adding lemon to green tea can also improve its taste! The sour taste of the lemon’s juice can help mask the bitter taste of green tea.

Can people with diabetes eat oranges since they contain sugar?
People with diabetes are strongly encouraged to choose fruit over more processed foods high in sugars and other carbohydrates. Fruit contains natural fiber, vitamins, enzymes and other essential nutrients that people with diabetes need to maintain a healthy diet. The majority of common fruits, including oranges, have a low to medium glycemic load. While each person is different, most people with diabetes can enjoy fresh fruit as part of a healthful diet. Check with your physician before making any changes to your diet, especially if you are diabetic. The secret to eating fruit on a diabetic diet is to eat small portions over the course of a day.

Fruit provides healthy carbohydrates for our diet.
It’s okay to have carbs, you just want ones that release their energy slowly. Most fruits, including oranges and grapefruit, are perfect for this because they have a low glycemic load and also contain fiber. What that means is that the carbohydrates found in fruit such as oranges are good quality carbohydrates. Fruits are good for you and should be a regular part of a healthy diet.

Don’t compare apples to oranges.
While all fruits and vegetables provide benefits, Oranges scored a full 100 points for nutrition, while apples received 96 points. So despite that old saying about “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” the orange beats out the apple in this ranking system. While apples are excellent for your health, they can’t trump the big Orange when it comes to healthy eating. The best way to “keep the doctor away”.

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  1. In the beginning of this article you remind people that vitamin C cannot be stored in the body. This is true, which makes it a silly waste of money to take massive amounts of vitamin C supplements as some people are in the habit of doing. You might as well flush your cash down the toilet because that is where the excess vitamin C ends up!

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