Affirming Healthy Boundaries

October 1

Do you set healthy boundaries FOR YOURSELF?

Do you realize you have every right to do so. You teach people how to treat you by doing so. It might be time to draw that healthy line in the sand. It’s a sign of self respect and it all starts with you.

Boundary setting is not about getting other people to change. It’s really about deciding what you will and won’t tolerate any longer in your life. Communicating this firmly, consistently and clearly by writing affirmations is a great way to start.

Boundaries are essential to becoming a healthy adult. Setting fair boundaries in all areas of your life can make an enormous impact on the quality of your life. They demonstrate your commitment to self and the respect you have for yourself.

Today’s affirmations: I will work on my self respect and self esteem by setting healthy boundaries for me. I will take one hour of time for me. Affirm what you will do in that hour. I will take a yoga class to feel healthy body, mind and spirit.

It is your  individual right, based on your own needs to set healthy boundaries according to your schedule, subject to change at anytime, with love of course.

It’s time to be true to you and live your life free of  resentments. You actually set the tone for respect in your life. Without healthy boundaries people will step over the line without even realizing it.   Boundaries are good and we all need them at all ages. It’s never to late to start. Remember people will treat you as you allow them. Healthy Boundaries  brings you back into balance.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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