Affirmations That Will Get You Geared For Fitness

March 31

Daily affirmations are a wonderful way to start the day and get you geared for fitness. Before leaving your home or beginning your regular schedule, take some time out to repeat your daily affirmations. This helps to set your mind on course before it gets bombarded with hundreds of other commands, complaints and other responsibilities common in everyday life.

Affirmations are a gift that you give to your psyche to boost its power and bring your dreams to reality. Instead of internalizing your goals, write them down on paper and repeat them to yourself. Then turn the goal into affirmations to command your mind to take action. You may be surprised at how well this works, especially if your goal is to get physically fit.

Women’s fitness is my goal for life. I believe a healthy body is the foundation for everything I want to do in life. I feel great and I want to look great too. Plus a physically fit body is much more able to take care of the many jobs that I tackle each day. Fitness ensures me that my body will be strong enough to not only withstand but also welcome the challenges that I face each day.

Below are some of the affirmations that I have used in the past and that I have shared with many of the women I have trained.


  1. I will eat healthy today.


  1. I am losing weight.


  1. My clothes fit better because I am losing pounds and inches.


  1. I feel stronger because I exercise.


  1. Exercise makes me feel exhilarated.


  1. I crave fruits and vegetables.


  1. My body is improving every day.


  1. I love my body.


  1. I am full of energy.


  1. I am beautiful today.


Choose any or all of the 10 affirmations above. You can not go wrong with affirmations, but in order for them to work, you must believe in what you say. Believe it to achieve it. Fitness4Her will help you every step of the way.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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