Affirmations for Healthy Eating

December 28

Affirmations are the appetizer for the brain when it comes to a successful diet program. We all know the important role that the brain plays in most of the habits that come from overeating or eating the wrong foods. That’s why affirmations work so well in a women’s fitness program. When it comes to staying committed to your body, these daily declarations of victory can bring you closer to your fitness and weight loss goals.

Daily affirmations are great tools for any women’s fitness program. When you want to lose weight or do just about any kind of self-improvement, affirmations set the direction and the pace for the mind to follow. A simple practice that doesn’t cost a penny, daily affirmations have the potential to deliver massive results.

That is if you truly believe in your affirmation. Think about that sentiment before you choose the affirmations that you want to say. It’s not enough to just recite an affirmation, you must believe completely in the power to make it happen. You must be committed to making the declaration a reality.

This week, concentrate on eating healthy. If there is a food that you want to abolish from your diet, use your affirmations to rid yourself of the desire for that food.

Affirmations for healthy eating:

• I enjoy eating healthy food.

• I stop eating when I am satisfied.

• I am careful when salting my food.

• I eat protein at every meal.

• I watch my sugar intake.

• I don’t eat fried foods.

• Fried foods taste greasy to me.

• Soft drinks taste too sweet for me.

• I limit my servings of bread, rice and other starches.

If you tend to eat too many and too much of the wrong kinds of foods, start eliminating them from your diet. Use affirmations to help you curb the desire for these temptations.
Healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s the cornerstone of a successful women’s fitness program and the key to losing weight while keeping a nice sexy shape.

Find a place where you won’t be interrupted. Some people like to say their affirmations in front of a mirror, while others choose a place of solitude like their bedroom or even their car. It’s best to be somewhere you can give over complete concentration, and that probably shouldn’t be while you are driving.

~ Karen Ficarelli

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