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Years ago, when I started working out, I searched for a program that would enhance the beauty of the female physique. I wanted something that was made for a woman. The problem was that although I could find diets here and exercises there, I had to amend these plans to make them work for my body.

Because a woman’s body is different than a man’s, we need a fitness program that is customized to our needs.

The mother of three boys, I had very little time to spend going to the gym and working out. It was all I could do to set aside 30 minutes each day to exercise in my living room.

That’s when I learned that I wasn’t alone. Do you know the number one reason women in the United States say they have trouble losing weight is because they don’t have enough time to exercise or to cook healthy meals? The truth is women in this country have very little time to spend on themselves. Knowing this first hand, I worked hard to develop programs that would provide fast results in helping you to lose weight, shape up and feel great in as little as just 30 minutes a day!

Not just a diet, not just an exercise plan. Fitness4Her™ is a complete nutrition and fitness program designed for women. This is a safe and sensible plan that incorporates the Pilates principles, a system of precise movements which emphasize the core muscles–proven to make you look 5 to 10 pounds thinner in no time at all!

The Fitness4Her™ program focuses on the necessity for hormonal balance and explains why women require more sleep than men. It addresses the needs of women who are thinner, and how maintaining muscle mass will help to protect your bones and joints by preventing or prolonging the onset of diseases like osteoporosis. My program provides detailed step-by-step instructions on proper exercise for the female body and offers healthy meal plans for the entire family.

Today, as a fitness trainer for women, I use this program to help others attain their fitness goals. Even women who are fit and just looking for that next challenge, will find it here at Fitness4Her™.

Fitness4Her™ provides you advice and insight on the areas that I feel are at the heart of healthy living for a woman. Choose between Diet, Exercise, Journaling, Health, Sex, Inspiration, Motivation, and Affirmations.

Diet covers articles on healthy eating with emphasis on balanced meals without the need to count calories. I’ve included stories on why certain foods are more nutritious, the importance of portion control, and the secret to staying slim for the rest of your life.

You’ll never go hungry with my amazing diet that shuns the traditional 3 meal-a-day plan for a hearty 5 meal-a-day program. So if you’ve been frustrated in the past by diets that don’t deliver or if you’ve ever felt famished from trying to cut calories, you’ll be delighted with this new way of eating. With frequent meals, you’ll be far less tempted to overeat, since your next meal is only a short time away.

Exercise delivers articles that make you want to jump up and get moving. I talk about the benefits of strength training, the body sculpting ability of Pilates and the fun that can be had from aerobic activities. If you’ve been longing to get out and play, then Fitness4Her™ is the program for you.

Journaling reports on all the great reasons that people who keep a journal of everything they eat and drink and all of their activities, have a greater chance of success than those who do not.

To keep you focused and accountable, I urge you to keep a daily journal. It offers great
encouragement to keep you motivated and to write your own success story. Maintaining a journal makes it easy to chart your progress, especially for those of you who decide to take my 90 day challenge to Empower Beauty®.

Health discusses the impact and effect of different lifestyles on the female body. Why some foods are better for us than others, how different exercises help to accentuate our beautiful feminine curves and much more.

Sex goes in depth to talk with you about this very important part of your health. Not only physically, but the mental and spiritual connection as well. I’ve included some helpful tips on revving up the romance in your life.

Inspiration is what Fitness4Her™ is all about. I feel so strongly about a woman’s need to be healthy and fit that I want to help you every step of the way. That’s why I have included a category on Motivation as well. We need inspiration to get us started, but it takes a whole lot of motivation to keep us focused on our lifelong goals.

Motivation will keep you in check and coming back for more. My goal is to help you stay focused on all of the benefits that healthy living brings. Together, we’ll tackle the problems that stand in the path of your fitness program so that you stay motivated to reach the finish line.

Affirmations will give you that lift you need to jumpstart your day. Full of positive words of encouragement to elevate your mood and kick you into gear.

Listen, I’ve worked with women from all walks of life, ladies aged seventeen to seventy, slim to full-figured and newbie to seasoned athlete. Time and again, I have found that the women who followed my program showed a dramatic difference in their level of achievement.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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