30 Minutes of Exercise a Day for Optimum Health

October 14

Investing as little as 30 minutes a day in exercise, by combining resistance training and aerobic activities, can help you live longer and healthier. The benefits of exercise go beyond physical. Staying active is beneficial to our mental health as well.

Exercise helps to:

• Stimulate feelings of euphoria.
• Reduce depression.
• Build confidence.
• Stall loss of muscle.
• Preserve the metabolism of youth.

Regardless of your age, weight or athletic ability, a regular exercise program is essential to good health. 30 minutes of an aerobic exercise like walking, running, skating or swimming three days a week, alternated with 30 minutes a day of resistance training exercises on the other three days, will strengthen your heart, give you more energy, build up your muscles and make your overall body stronger.

It is important to include resistance training as part of your fitness program. Resistance exercises help to strengthen your body so that you will have an easier time with your aerobic activities. You see, these two types of exercise go hand in hand. Resistance training also helps your body look beautiful. Several of the resistance exercises outlined in my program will help to accentuate your natural curves. After 90 days of following my program, you’ll begin to see the results¬¬¬¬–like a smaller waist, firmer legs, thinner ankles, and a more attractive derriere.

My 30 Minutes to a New You exercise program provides all of the essential elements of a lasting, effective physical fitness regimen. There are different intensities for each exercise to match any age or fitness level. From seventeen to seventy, slim to full-figured, newbie to seasoned athlete, my program can work for you.

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~ Karen Ficarelli

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  1. very exciting, cant wait to start!

  2. torir on 12/14/2009 at 11:43 am

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