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Happy New Year

Happy New Year – Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

December 31

Eat healthy, drink in moderation and keep a merry and positive attitude. Celebrate the beginning of the New Year with a resolution that will be easy to keep. Instead of resolving to lose weight and exercise more, change the language that you speak to yourself and instead make healthy, happy choices that can last a lifetime.

Beginning day one, make …

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Happy Holidays

The Magic of Christmas

December 25

Christmas is such a busy time that I have to remind myself that every day is a gift and each life a treasure. Through all the celebrations, please don’t forget to remind yourself of how much you are loved and how valuable your life truly is. My wish is that you …

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Turkey, The Healthy Choice

December 24

A great mainstay that’s perfect all year long, turkey is the healthy choice for the best in women’s fitness. Free of saturated fat and low in total fat, this versatile meat can be served in many different ways. A good source of protein and iron, turkey is healthier than even ..

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 Women’s Fitness

The Truth About Women’s Fitness

December 18

In the last couple of decades, women in particular have been getting more concerned with the state of their fitness in relationship to a healthy body image. Women of past ages have always been concerned over their weight and desire to keep a girlish figure. But the trend for exercise has never ..

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Time To Test Your True Strength

December 11

When your workout becomes old and stale, it’s time to test your true strength and ramp up your fitness program. Doing the same exercises at the same level every time you workout is not only boring to your mind, it’s also boring to your muscles. No longer a challenge, your muscles ..

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