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The Importance of Journaling

September 25

If you want to lose weight, get in shape, tone up, build a better body, and stay motivated and inspired, start keeping a fitness journal. Journaling will set your spirit free. Journaling will motivate you without ever telling you what to do. A journal is like a quiet witness to your challenges, your struggles, your victories and your ..

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Love Your Body and Dress It Up

September 18

Clothes don’t make a woman, but they can certainly accent her beauty. New fashions signal the coming of the next season and are great inspirations for revamping your wardrobe, especially when you’ve dropped a few pounds. Trying on clothes can be unpleasant, or it can be a source to inspire you. If you notice ..

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ABSolutely Fit

September 11

Do you want great abs but can’t seem to get the definition that you desire? I’ve got a few suggestions for some tried-and-true moves to get you ABSolutely fit and fabulous. Let’s face it—a toned and trim mid-section is an eye-catching sight. Beautiful to behold—it’s the sign of a truly fit body. But, those ..

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Wipe Away Worry With Positive Affirmations

September 4

The next time you feel stressed with worry about a crucial matter, try to curb that worry with positive thoughts and affirmations. The problem with worry is that it seldom helps to change the situation that you are worried about. Sure, it is natural to be concerned and ..

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